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Institution Instructor Name Peer Reviews Lesson Plans Lesson plans are written in different formats, and they depict different ideas depending on the lesson or topic at hand. The differences in lesson plans would also be initiated by the variations in learning goals and objectives that a class wishes to achieve through their teacher…
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Peer reviews lesson plans
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Peer Reviews Lesson Plans Lesson plans are written in different formats, and they depict different ideas depending on the lesson or topic at hand. The differences in lesson plans would also be initiated by the variations in learning goals and objectives that a class wishes to achieve through their teacher. Other than the aim of structuring the lesson plan, differences would be caused by errors and other problems encountered in writing the lesson plan. Different sections of lesson plans have varying difficulties. All the sections can hardly be conceptualized in a smooth way. It may be easy to point out what is required of the plan in each section providing the rational for the same section could be a difficulty in many lesson plans. Besides, the education system and requirements have to be in line with the laid down standards such as the California Content Standards. In some cases, the content standards are not clear or they are not addressed all together. The same case of problems applies to the two lesson plans reviewed in this case. The reviewed lesson plans in this paper are the “Multicultural Lesson Plan” and the “Social Studies Differentiation Lesson Plan.” The review would point out the possible strengths and weaknesses of each of the two lesson plans and it would point out what could be done to avoid such negativities and their implications. For the “Social Studies Differentiation Lesson Plan,” some problems were visible but the overall score of the lesson plan was good. The difficulties and weaknesses were only seen in some sections. The rational section appeared to pose some difficulties where an explanation of the fundamental reasons behind providing such learning instruction is critical to the grade 12 class. The rational portrays difficulties in such perspective. In this lesson plan, the rational seems brief although it is to the point. It addresses the importance of social concepts to the 12th grade class according to the California Content Standards. Besides, some students could not clearly understand what was expected of them, a factor that could be reflected to such difficulties. The rational needed to be brief but addressing all the points. In this lesson plan, that is exactly what happened. The rational was brief but vivid for all sections. The importance of the rational is to provide a brief essence of what has been addressed in the respective sections and it indicate whether the required California Content Standards have been portrayed clearly (Welton p23). For the grammatical errors, it is always good to be consistent whenever it comes to the use of words. The word “learned” and “learnt” are close in meaning or have the same meaning in their tense usage. Either of the two is correct but due to consistency, the choice of words needs to be considered for future lesson plan construction. Concerning the aspect of being specific, a lesson plan may be specific or could involve several areas of study within a unit of study. Being too specific generates some more problems especially when the lesson plan could have been used in a wide scope but was customized within a specific and small area of study. The area of social studies is wide and almost all areas intertwine. A future lesson plan could be constructed in a way that the lesson being addressed in concise such that it can be spelt out for other students to follow. The learner outcome is great for this lesson plan as it provides detailed information on the outcomes of the lesson learning in various ways as required by the California Content Standards. For the lesson plan on Multicultural studies, some similar mistakes are initiated. However, the general scope of the lesson plan was good. Most of the California Content Standards were observed. Ideas were greatly generated with most of the contents obtained from the required sources. What appears to have been a problem is the inadequacy of specificity. The lesson plan addressed what is required in multicultural studies for students in their kindergarten level of learning. These learners are required to acquire multicultural studies including cultural aspects, language similarities and differences, as well as social issues (Welton 34). Being specific on what the teacher would teach would be of great importance. This lesson plan is good but a future lesson plan could be made to be more specific. Specific activities could as well be included. This would indicate what the learners are required to do. The activities need to be within the reach of the learners within their kindergarten level of learning. The California Content Standards require that whatever is taught in various learning levels have to be within the conceptualization ability of learners (Welton p37). This ability covers all requirements from tests to physical activities related to learning. The practical activities should be linked in a way that the students would be act as a class. Addressing these issues by working with others in the classroom would develop the ability to construct better lesson plans in future. Works Cited Welton, D.A. Children and their world: Strategies for teaching social studies (8th ed.). Massechusetts: Houghton Miffin Company, 2005. Read More
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Peer Reviews Lesson Plans Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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