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3: Using Technology Tools and Media Example, Part A - Assignment Example

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Assignment 3: Using Technology Tools and Media Example, Part A Analysis: research-based innovations in educational technology The research based innovations in education technology for the last five years have been analyzed as follows. One of the most prominent research based innovation in education technology is the use of multimedia in the course curriculum…
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Assignment 3: Using Technology Tools and Media Example, Part A
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"3: Using Technology Tools and Media Example, Part A"

Download file to see previous pages Another research based innovation in education technology is the virtual learning environment. The virtual learning environment is an effective way to replace the actual classroom based education. The virtual learning environment incorporates the software where the progress of the learners could be tracked by the teachers. The virtual learning environment enables effective management of educational courses by providing assistance to the teachers and students about the administration of the educational courses. The third research based innovation is the development of classroom technologies in the course of education. Instead of the traditional lectures by the teachers towards the students in the class, the education technology has infused several applications like use of projector, power point slides and displays in order to communicate to the learners in a much more advanced fashion. The audio-visual methods of delivering the course content to the students improve the understanding and interaction of the learners and the teachers. Recommendation: evaluation using technology The various ways in which the learning theories should be applied at the time of evaluating with the use of technology is explained as follows. The process of learning and education involves the process of evaluation using the technological tools. The use of modern technology helps to improve the process of evaluation by keeping a continuous track of the process of education. The activities of the students are tracked much more easily with the help of advanced technology. The various stages of completion of course curriculum are tracked with the help the technology and the target of completion of the course in the allotted time could be checked with the use of technology. The time left for the completion of the course could also be tracked by the technology applications. The second way of evaluation in the field of education using technology is the process of monitoring that is possible due to the feature of technological advancement used in the field of education. The monitoring of the activities and progress of the students is an important part of the process of evaluation (Educational Broadcasting Corporation, 2004). The updates on the various assignments allocated during the educational course and the results of the assignments undertaken by the students could be monitored by the teachers with the use of technology. The final evaluation of the performance of the students in the specific course curriculum could be done very smoothly with the help of technology. The results of the intermediate examinations held during the course could be accumulated to determine the final evaluation of the performance of the students. Benefits and drawbacks of using technology in education There are obvious benefits and drawbacks of using technology in the field of educating the learners in the p-resent and future curse of time. The benefits of using technology in the field of education involve the efficiency of the teachers as a result of the education technology. By using technology, the teachers get the scope to make their work much more productive. The classroom lectures could be prepared in minimum amount of time using the spreadsheets and power point presentations and also the same could be delivered to the learners with ease. The second ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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