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Chapter 6 - Book Report/Review Example

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The Community and Schools Name: Institution: Schools are based in and around communities that they seek to serve by availing education facilities and opportunities to the children of that community. This means that the community plays a crucial role in the education curriculum of schools that operate within its precincts…
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Chapter 6
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Extract of sample "Chapter 6"

Download file to see previous pages Communities are the backbone of any educational program within any school that serves them because their support and cooperation is crucial to their success. The leadership of most schools is under the stewardship of principals who are individuals are qualified to manage institutions of primary and secondary learning. Principals are conventionally required to be managers of these institutions with the task of ensuring the smooth running of all aspects that are involved in the learning process. Principals ensure that schools maintain a sense order and reliability for the teachers, non-teaching staff, students and the community (Sergiovanni, 2006). Principals are responsible for fostering a positive relationship between a school and the communities they serve. Principal’s obligation to the school’s success is pegged on the success of their relations with the community with which they are tasked with serving. The community’s involvement with a school operating in its environment ensures that their interests are well represented at the school. This is achieved by demanding participation in the formulation school policies and development of learning curricula. This ensures that the community’s interests are addressed by the school. ...
When teachers are functioning optimally, their chargers are assured of a quality education from the motivated teachers. It is this that makes it an important requirement to have school leadership being composed or made up of individuals who have had prior teaching experience (Sergiovanni, 2006). This enables the leadership to make decisions that are relevant to teacher’s experiences because of their prior experience in the same position. Through this understanding by principals can be used to foster a greater understanding of teachers in the community. This would see the community attach more value to the services rendered by teachers, accord them more respect, and appreciate their contributions. Leadership is composed of metaphorical forces that can be used by school principals to advance and improve their school’s effectiveness. Technical force is availed to principals using sound management principles in the administration of their schools. Through this force, principals are able to emphasize the importance of planning, time management, contingency and organizational leadership (Sergiovanni, 2006). The human force is realized through the harnessing of a school’s interpersonal potential and social resources. This force is utilized and realized through by improving the human resource potential of their personnel and students. The educational force is achievable through expert knowledge in matters regarding schooling and education. This force enables principals to apply professional knowledge into their leadership roles. It is realized by applying skills and competences that are acquired from training and experience. Education is a critical and important component of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Chapter 6 Book Report/Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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Chapter 6

...? The impact of hip hop to the lives of the youth cannot be stressed enough. It has become an outlet of discovery for them to be able to voice out who they are and what they feel. Needless to say, the association of violence and of the thug lifestyle with hip hop creates a complication that often puts a young person in danger of himself and of others. The chapter of “Young Voices in the Hood” paints the dilemma of the juvenile justice system in California and how it has evolved into an opportunity for the coming together of people, regardless of age, race and social status and their advocacy of overthrowing Proposition 21 in the hopes of impeding the tragedies it has brought. This, the author has probed will come together in the end...
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Chapter 6

... or hominids had a different kind of gene structure that these modern primates .One species preference over another as a meat eater does not make that kind of a primate more dominant . Also I could not help disagreeing with the Author's statement that smaller bodied apes were ecologically dominant to the larger Gorillas. Their smaller structures may provide them with an advantage of quicker and more efficient hunting techniques but body size plays a key role in primate dominance. 6.What are your conclusions Do you agree or disagree with the author I agree with the author to the extent that the behaviour of modern primates plays a key guiding role in the understanding of how their extinct ancestors might have behaved territorially...
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Assessing Learning from Instruction

Theres also potential for harm when decisions affecting students futures are being made based on results of assessments made with tools that are not appropriate for the purpose.
A good designer generally begins to think about assessment instruments as she develops the learning objectives. This is done to help ensure that not only does the assessment match the objectives but appropriately amplifies and clarifies the objectives themselves.
Practicality: Optimal assessment might be a many-itemed constructed response or performance exam that is as close as possible to the real life situation in which the learners will apply their knowledge for all objectives with a carefully developed set of criteria for evaluating the respons...
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Discussion Forum Chapter 6

... Introduction In many countries and s, there have been measures undertaken to ensure that every person hasthe right to access public space; this measures provides accessibility rights to children and adults as well as the homeless persons and the physically challenged persons (Barlow 2007, pg.1). In some occasions, there have been cases whereby certain measures are implemented in order to ensure people are restricted to utilize public space; these measures are mostly meant to restrict the homeless persons from inappropriate use of public space. In this discussion, I am going to assume the role of a homeless person and I will explicit how I can alter public space in this position. Discussion To begin with, there are usually... Introduction In...
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Summary of chapter 6

... BUSN Chapter 6 Summary Introduction The sixth chapter of the book BUSN by written by the Marcella Kelly and Jim McGowan explores the various forms of businesses and also looks at the process of selecting the most suitable one that will fit an individual’s or organizational aspirations. There are four types of business formations. These are partnerships, sole proprietorship, limited liability corporations and corporations. All these formations are prevalent in the modern business world and the choice to adopt one depends on a host of factors. These include things like capital, target market, labor amongst others. Sole proprietorship is a kind of business formation where the enterprise is under the ownership of one individual. Some...
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Chapter 6 class activity

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Chapter 6 homework

...Chapter 6 Homework 6.9. LEAD TIME Lead-time is a time gap between starting of a process and completion of scheduling and manufacturing operations of various products. Manufacturing lead-time is time taken from manufacturing to purchase of products made by customers. It consists of four processes that include preprocessing, processing, fixed and variable time. Preprocessing lead-time is the time required to generate work order from the time of requirement of various products. Processing time is the time taken to manufacture the various items or products. Fixed lead-time is the part of processing time, which is not variable according to the order of quantity. Variable lead-time is the part of processing time, which is dependable on the order...
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Portfolio Php and Html Codes for 6 EX

...// If all the if stetment are fules it will print to bad may be next time { print(" To bad may be next time"); } ?>Chapter 6 Paper, Rock, Scissors Exercise Introduction The program which we will discuss is very much similar to the program that we have discussed in previous chapter because in this program, first user selects from the available three options by clicking the button and then the program internally selects from those three options. If the options selected by both user and the program are same, then the game is simply draw; otherwise, the program decides the winner on the basis of the given conditions. Paper, Rock, Scissors Exercise...
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The IPv-4 and IPv-6 Network Technologies: the Characteristics of Both Addressing Schemes

The research and development in the internet protocol were started in the 1960s, at that time, the computing environment was not similar to current environment. There were not a large number of consumers of internet. At that time the telecommunications lines were used to support the communication as well as networks were not much powerful, quick, and error-free. Additionally, the appli¬cations distributed on the internet involved smaller data packets, and there was not such a demand to distribute them in real time. But, with the passage of time, these demands on the internet began to grow; then the designers decided to create a modern internet protocol that takes benefit of the current technology. As a result, IPv6 was created...
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A History of the World in 6 Glasses by Tom Standage

Being aware of the fact that history is a subject too vast to be condensed into a book, Standage wisely never tried to recapitulate the complete history of the man. Instead, Standage has designed the journey through time with the focus on six beverages that come from different ages, cultures, and origins and have affected the societies in different ways. This book is an excellent piece of art. Standage has articulated the lacklustre subject of history through something as delightful as drinks.
My expectations from the book were not as positive when I had first picked it up as my opinion about it is now that I have read the book. This was so because of the fact that not many books on history, I had read before this had adequatel...
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The NSW English k-6 Syllabus

...The NSW English k-6 Syllabus Introduction Language is argued to play a vital role in the development of children as they progress from childhood to adulthood. One of the most notable roles of language is the socialization. Through socialization, children are able to communicate and understand each other with the help of older children and adults. Researches have indicated that people can not build their knowledge by simply observing events, but also through the use of aspects of language (Stone, et al 2004). It is believed that language goes beyond tangible meanings and explores the meanings of less tangible. In the education context, language is vital for comprehensive and utilization of knowledge. Stone, et al (2004) also noted...
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The components of this paper contain the necessary recipe which will address the aforementioned issues and provide an outer edge in an organizational environment. This paper will help to understand the true value of knowledge that is required in order to achieve the full fruit of success in an organization.
The paper will provide an insight into the concepts of six sigma and DMAIC and further help understanding six sigma effectiveness in an organizational environment. The paper would further enable understanding the details of how these methods can be adopted for successful business operations.
With the advent of modern processes, equipment, automated procedures and their availability to the manufacturing industry, the compe...
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...Written Text Principles and Patterns Assessed Assignment 2 Essay Biblical text taken from Genesis Chapter 7, Verses 11 to 29 of the Old Testament. Introduction According to linguist Roland Barthes, "language is never innocent" (Irena 1993, p.245). Every oral and written discourse inevitably has a purpose. It is this purpose or goal to put in front of the listener or reader what the speaker or the writer wants to convey which makes language a web of symbols; often understood or imposed on the listener with a purpose of establishing a position in the discourse. Knowing this, the text in question is a written religious discourse taken from Genesis Chapter 7, The Old Testament. The language used in this text is meshed with metaphors...
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Tom Standages A History of the World in 6 Glasses

...Tom Standage’s A History of the World in 6 Glasses World history as how it is usually recorded mostly comprises major events that had a profound impact on human civilization and progress. These would often be marked by natural events such as strong weather disturbances like severe cold or hot weathers, as well as man-made occurrences such as wars, discoveries, or revolutions. Tom Standage’s book with the title A History of the World in 6 Glasses also tells history through major events, but instead of using specific events or people of significance as other history books often do, he used six well-known drinks to tell the tales of how human civilization came to be and how it developed in relation to the discovery or the creation...
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Homeland Security #6

... Determining the threats facing the policy 5. Intended use of the findings The findings of the evaluation are intended to address the following Propose the recommendations for the program Inform the authority about the information that could not be available to them about the future of the program Integrate the opinion of the people about the program 6. Primary stakeholder of the program The primary stakeholders of the evaluation for the program are: a. The people of the public b. Private gun holders c. The Intelligence Units d. National Security Council e. National health centers IV. Evaluation questions a. Process evaluation questions How is the program implemented? What standards are put in place to oversee the program? What guidelines...
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