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Reflective journal - Essay Example

Ultimately, rather than separating education between standard and disability focus, the more appropriate level of response would be to leverage the key action areas that can serve to benefit the individual/the class to the greatest degree. 2) However, with regards to the teaching and learning strategies that can be denoted as the most helpful, it is the belief of this student that these revolve around the hands on applications as well as the explicit instruction and implementation of classroom strategy. Ultimately, the teacher can seek to provide the students with the tools of correct educational achievement via a useful discussion and presentation of the importance of classroom learning strategies. Whereas not enough time is usually spent upon such a subject within non-learning disabled children, focusing upon this approach can yield a highly positive result when applied in the correct situation and in the right proportions. In short, there is no single approach that is guaranteed to work in each and every situation with each and every student. Rather, a varied approach that seeks to leverage a variety of techniques can be employed. More than merely meeting the needs of the individual stakeholder with a disability, such an approach can seek to maximize the needs of each and every stakeholder within the educational environment in question. Familiarity with the student and/or the group is therefore the first determinant that should be applied in seeking to understand the underlying suitability

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Reflective journal
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Reflective journal
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Reflective Journal
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Reflective Journal
Reflective journal: My course began with studying and analyzing the concept of genocide along with comparing the works of writers like Fein and Jones with the views of United Nations about genocide. Since the Holocaust, much research is done on this subject of genocide and though it has repeatedly occurred after the Holocaust worldwide, little research is done from the sociological perspective like when and why genocide occurs.
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Reflective journal
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Reflective Journal
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Reflective Journal
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Reflective journal
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Reflective journal
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of any particular approach which his sought to be engaged. Although true that non disability best practices and techniques can be employed, the educator and the staff should be keenly aware of the fact that no two individuals will integrate at the same level and by the same mechanism with a given technique or approach. Within such a way, it may be necessary to differentiate these as the process goes on and as the individual and group dynamics of the particular situation in question become more clearly understood and evaluated. 3) One of the most poignant factors of a child that has a learning disability which is oftentimes overlooked is the way that the child in question affects their own family and vice versa. Whereas a great deal of research has been performed with regards to the overall impacts that the family of the child with disabilities might have upon their development, a relatively small body of research exists with respect to the impacts that the child has upon the family. Ultimately, one of the first impacts that takes place is with regards to the family delineating a new approach to instructing and interacting with the child. Oftentimes this approach is carried over with regards to the way in which instruction and vacation takes place with regards to the other children; if indeed they exist within the household. Moreover, the level of sensitivity and awareness that would not have been able to be referenced with regards to child with a learning disability is evidenced within the family and the child that has learning disability. Moreover, one of the primary concerns that child advocacy professionals and psychologists have noted lately is with regards to the level and extent to which this modified communication accommodation is ultimately harmful or helpful to the child and the family unit


1) Although it might be convenient to assume that teaching and learning strategies for children with disabilities must necessarily deviate from those strategies employed in education for students without learning disabilities, this is not always the case. For instance, the strategy of observing and adjusting the approach based upon the inputs that the instructor receives is no different than it would be for a class of students without any learning disability…
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Reflective journal
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