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Journey of life - Essay Example

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Journey of life Name: Date Family Events The sociocultural theory states that through interactions with adults, culture is transferred to other generations especially by family and it was no different for me while growing up, during summer we would all get together for a week at the beach and play fun games like beach volleyball, soccer and swimming…
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Journey of life
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Download file to see previous pages Another family tradition that has been very important in my family is the weekly prayers and lunch, every Friday, we would get together and share a meal after our prayers, and this helped us understand the importance of family and spirituality. Religious Events As a Muslim, each year we have the Ramadan, this is the time we take to fast and pray, we do not eat after sunrise and after sunset we are allowed to partake in our meals. This event has taught me that one cannot be a slave to food or the desires of his body and that the spiritual life is crucial. We also have the Eid Alfeter and Eid Aladha in our calendars in addition to Alhaj when we go the Mekkah in December for one week to worship Allah; it is a time of rejuvenation for our spiritual life, this seems to echo the sociocultural theory that children master activities and add value to them just as we do with our spiritual life. Academic Events I have been very fortunate in life to have two graduations, one from college and the other from the English program and in both events my family was there to celebrate with me, they were some of my proudest moments in life. I knew that I had achieved a major milestone as is expected in my journey through life and as an interpretation of the sociocultural theory which includes learning as part of cognitive development. Having my family to be a part of it showed me that family always rejoices with one in good and in bad times. This achievement was a step into the adult life because I was now walking into the world to fend for myself and not rely on my family as I always had. Career Events After school, I got a job with a company and to celebrate, I invited my colleagues for dinner, this was a way to form a relationship with them while at the same time celebrate the blessings in my life. After a while I moved jobs and took another one as a high school teacher, this was necessary as in life one cannot stagnate in the same position, growth is expected and is a way of showing positive development, it is one of the steps to self actualization Relationship Events My wedding day was one of the happiest days in my life, after an year of engagement to my fiance I was happy to be taking this major step, this was the only romantic relationship I had had in my life in line with the psychosocial development theory, intimacy as compared to isolation became important in my life. Taking the marriage step was a bold move on my side, despite it being the norm, there were times I was not sure if I would make a good husband but after evaluating myself I decided that I was ready and I would become better each step of the way as we guide each other, my wife and I. Challenging Events Coming the United States was not just exciting but challenging as well, I was overwhelmed and culture shock hit me hard, I did not know how o speak English and it being the main language I knew I had a long road ahead of me. As the social cognitive theory states that people observe and at times take up the behaviour of others, I took up the challenge and decided that I would master the language come rain or shine and I am happy that my determination bore fruits as I can now effectively communicate in English. Looking back at all the events in my ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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