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Poverty and Student Achievements Name: Institution: Poverty and Student Achievements Child poverty has become a very big challenge for educators and the whole education system. This is because it affects the student’s performance and many students who are very bright and who could otherwise perform very highly are ending up not performing well and in fact dropping out of the system before achieving their academic potential…
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Download file to see previous pages This article looks at very important issues which are important to note in every way. The paper also tackles some issues which are very pertinent in the issue of poverty and education. It looks on the issue of social services, the definition of poverty and the need to protect families from indigenisation arising from depending on social services. This paper was written in the knowledge that of all the issues which affect the students such as race and ethnicity, poverty is the most difficult to understand because it is not discreet. In this regard, it becomes very difficult to know exactly when a child requires help in order to help them to not be affected by poverty. One of the major and most important factors which come out from this paper is the fact that it was revealed that the issue of poverty cannot be solved by money alone. In the Gift of Education Project, it become apparent that just giving the students financial aid did not help in making the students to be able to overcome the challenges poverty was giving them. This is a very important finding as it has very far reaching implications and to which solutions must be developed on order to make sure that it is possible to develop good solutions about the issue of poverty. ...
r shows that it is necessary to understand that poverty is not just the absence of money of economic necessities, but rather that poverty is something that goes way beyond the issue money. This is important for policy makers in government in order to help them develop better ways of addressing the issue of poverty in schools. The authors also look at the relationship between poverty and race as well as locale. This is an important element and may be a good platform to create solutions to deal with the issue of poverty. The paper defined and determines some very strong links relating the economic abilities of families and their race as well as the location of a school or the students. This brings a new element to the issue of race and it is necessary to identify the need deal with poverty in a different manner. This study took a quantitative way of looking at the issue of poverty. Although 17% of all children under the age of 18 were in poverty, the study broke the numbers down to indicate that children from African-American families were the most affected by poverty with as much as 33% of them being from families in poverty. While it is good to identify race related numbers with regard to student poverty, the authors however have not clearly indicated why these numbers are necessary and how why these numbers cna be utilised to punch out these issues. More importantly, the article tackles the issue of the difficulty of identifying big academic talent from poor families. The authors indicate that it is not easy for authorities to be able to identify those students with high academic potential who would then be given the support they need in order to prevent the academic talent from going to waste. While this is true in some ways, the authors have not been able to be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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