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Professional Perspectives - Essay Example

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Co-Educators Professional Perspectives Outlook Name: Course: Instructor: Submission Date Co-Educators Professional Perspectives Outlook Introduction Co-teaching involves a contract of two professional educators who share instructional responsibility for a single classroom focused on a specific content, which is promoted by an effective mutual relationship and ownership, joint accountability and pooled resources…
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Professional Perspectives
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Extract of sample "Professional Perspectives"

Download file to see previous pages The main objective of co-educators is to ensure that a group heterogeneous student understands instructions effectively (Perez, 2012). Contrariwise, co-educators differences results to lack of collegial interactions of strategies, which leads to a poor instructional program. Philosophy Statement on Co-Teaching It is hard for co-educators to meet diversified students’ needs with differing professional perspectives, which negatively affect professional interactions in the development of effective strategies to ensure that all student needs are satisfied including those with disabilities. A colleague with a different perspective from mine will be of more disadvantages than advantages in terms of collegial support towards meeting student needs and formulation of effective strategies. I am profound on the professional interactions as well as my co-educator’s characteristics and needs. The concepts of an effective exchange of plans and consultation in implementing a curriculum that gratifies all student needs are central to my philosophy of co-teaching. Collegial support that offers a different input towards my plans demonstrates the absence of diversity based teamwork towards a long lasting co-teaching (, n.d.). I believe that co-teaching has to involve a number of co-teachings activities such as exploring skills that educators require to collaborate successfully. However, in a case whereby my co-educator differs with every slight perception I have towards a learning environment, it is challenging to implement co-planning in a classroom. I love learning new things, and it would be god of my o-educator to equip me with new instructional techniques. Nonetheless, my co-educator has to assimilate my perspectives and together develop strategies towards effective co-teaching opposed to a situation where none of our professional perspective is common. I believe that adaptability, dedication, collaboration, and positive collegial support are the key aspects towards effective consultations on issues affecting students because of diversity rather than focusing on the differences that may exist between my co-educator and me. Different professional perspectives should be utilized as a tool of every co-educator self-reflection to realize his/her weakness and strengths concerning the ability to work as teamwork (Perez, 2012). The success of an inclusive classroom depends on the parity portrayed by the partnership of both educators, which must show the presence of a teaching practice based on effective collaboration and support. Viewpoint Description on Co-Teaching The most important aspect for effective consultations in handling students’ needs in co-teaching is the partnership between two co-educators. Each co-educator perspective on co-teaching is a complicated set of actions and intentions with unique criteria for evaluating strategies that are right and wrong. Our roles and the idealized self-image as co-educators are determined professional perspectives. Moreover, perspectives provide the basis to which co-educators can reflect on the co-teaching practice (Beninghof, 2012). The moment I consult with a co-educator who believes as I do, an immediacy of communication is established as well as the feeling of being understood. However, a colleague that believes in a truly different way from mine evokes a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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