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Autism in African American Culture - Research Paper Example

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All too often within the fields of education, sociology, and even medicine, the researcher and/or the societal stakeholder is tempted to believe that each and every force that impacts upon individuals is somehow felt and experienced universally amongst them…
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Autism in African American Culture
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"Autism in African American Culture"

Download file to see previous pages Although such an analysis is somewhat dangerous due to its risk of stereotyping, with regards to the expected and anticipated actions of an entire ethnic group, the author will perform a high level of due diligence in order to ensure that this particular pitfall is avoided at all costs. Within such an understanding, the following analysis will seek to measure and discuss three specific compliments of the way in which autism has been understood traditionally within the African-American community, the overall level of acceptance that it has garnered, the impact of family structure, as well as some recommendations with regards to solutions to key problems which will be analyzed and briefly elaborated upon. Firstly, it should be understood that the overall level of acceptance of autism within the African-American community is nominally higher than with regards to many other ethnic groups. Scholars have long debated why this might be; however, a compelling reason for the relatively high level of acceptance that exists within the African-American community with regards to developmental disorders is likely with regards to the overall level of religiosity and belief that exists within this group as compared to others. ...
From a sociological perspective, scholars have also pointed to the fact and belief that many African-American parents and caretakers have with regards to an autistic child (Hilton et al, 2010). As such, the belief that the developmentally challenged/autistic will soon catch up with siblings or classmates has a direct level of correlation to the unique African-American experience within the United States. Due to being born within a culture that has traditionally and seemingly perennially been repressed and discriminated against, and in dominant spirit of human hope and belief is evidenced within this community as compared to many others. Although the last determinant was something that could be potentially viewed as a net positive with regards to an understanding and appreciation for autism within the African-American community, the second determinant which will be discussed, family structure, is necessarily and net drawback that this community faces. What is meant by this is the fact that approximately 70% of all children currently born within the African-American communities of the United States are born into a single parent household (Tincani et al, 2009). Although it is not the purpose of this discussion and exploration to analyze the means by which a two-parent household is ultimately a more secure and better environment within which a child should be raised, it must be understood that the level of care and resources necessary for tending to a child/children with disabilities of a developmental nature is an order of magnitude more demanding than would be the requirements and level of attention for a child without a developmental disorder/autism. Within such an understanding, the reader can come to the clear ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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