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Linguistic Author Institution Linguistic Introspection A I was born and brought up in a small village, in Albahah city, in the southern part of Saudi Arabia, and the language we spoke was Arabic. As I grew up, my neighbourhood used to be dominated by the Arabian culture and Islam was a dominant religion…
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Analysis of my personal social and cultural/ linguistic
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Download file to see previous pages The family lived in a traditional way as there used to be many interconnections between the family members. Members of the extended family used to live amongst us; my grandfather and uncle used to live next door. Poverty was a common phenomenon in the neighbourhood as most people could not afford luxuries. We used to live in poor conditions and life was always challenging. Paying school fees was a challenge, but my father strived to ensure we got some education. As I grew up, the dominant religion was Islam and all family members were connected to each other through the Islamic religious heritage. My family respected the Islamic cultural and religious values, and this helped me to develop morals, which guided my everyday behaviour. I consider my cultural heritage to be that of an Islam brought up in the Islamic cultural values. My cultural heritage has an impact on how I interact with other people. I always uphold the morals and values that I have learnt from my culture while interacting with other people. Introspection B I respect diversity and treat people from various cultural backgrounds with respect. Issues of diversity are common in daily life, and they form a crucial part of human interactions. People have to live with the diverse differences, which exist between various cultures. It is essential to respect the culture of other people, especially with regard to their traditions, values, as well as customs, which they hold dearly. Cultural stereotypes have to be avoided as they isolate and ridicule other cultures. Culture and schooling play a crucial role in a person’s life. Culture teaches us the traditions and beliefs, which used to guide life in the ancient times. Through culture, people can learn their heritage and beliefs that their ancestors held. In addition, culture teaches diversity and the need to accommodate people from various cultures (Diller, 2011). Schooling is also crucial as it prepares people for a great future ahead. Through schooling, students gain the necessary knowledge that will help them acquire jobs upon graduation and also improve their lives. It is believed that schooling is vital in helping people become innovative and make improvements in the society. There are various reasons why students may either succeed or fail. Students succeed in schoolwork when they work hard and conduct extensive and intensive studies. Class attendance also makes students succeed in their academic life. On the other hand, students fail when they have questionable discipline or when they do not study as per the course requirements. Students may also fail when the exams find them inadequately prepared. Populations that are underrepresented may be victimized in the education sector. Affirmative action should be undertaken to ensure that all students are treated fairly, irrespective of their cultural background. In this regard, therefore, policies should be implemented to address the issue of segregation and discrimination in the education sector (Diller, 2011). Introspection C My beliefs and what I have learnt have critical implications on some aspects of my life. What I feel, and my perception of life has an impact on my views and my interactions with other students. I will apply what I have learnt in class in my future activities and my life in the future will be highly determined by what the education sec ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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