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NATURAL WORLD AS DISTINCT AS HUMAN WORLD Name University NATURAL WORLD AS DISTINCT AS HUMAN WORLD “What is natural science to begin with? It is a mere fragment of truth broken out from the whole mass of it for the sake of practical effectiveness exclusively…
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Natural world, as distinct from the human world
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NATURAL WORLD AS DISTINCT AS HUMAN WORLD NATURAL WORLD AS DISTINCT AS HUMAN WORLD “What is natural science to begin with? It is a mere fragment of truth broken out from the whole mass of it for the sake of practical effectiveness exclusively. Divide etimpera. -William James, ‘A plea for psychology as a “Natural Science” ‘(1892)’ The natural world can be valued as offering a picture for the elegance, benefits and goodness of God for the human world. Basically, according to Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179), a religious leader and scientist, God has a variety of manifestations which provides in associating God to this world he has created and vice versa and it is this element of God that animates the natural world and thus this is probably why God plays the part of soul in Neoplatonic’s thought.(Goldin, O., &Kilroe, P. 1997) Natural World as distinct from the human world, if we consider this statement from a more philosophical point of view then one would realize that as human world originated distinctly and efficiently from the first man ‘apes’ according to Darwin’s theory same way this beautiful Natural World as gifted by God is also as distinct as the human world, gradually becoming more beautiful as days pass by. Just like history of our origin creates a particular feeling of humans identification same way the origin of this natural world has its own emphasis in our world. Many ancient philosophers like Socrates, Aristotle and Plato gave their own theories to understand the natural world and for centuries their followers had believed them until modern science came into existence. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that not all their theories were wrong, as they without any prior knowledge did lay the foundation of modernized thinking, so due credit should be given to most of their theories. Natural world mainly deals with all the natural gifts of God like fire, water, air and Earth (ancient Greek theory accepted by Aristotle). A team which battles to discover and establish itself may particularly emphasize a moment of founding father. The ancient Greece was still the land of heroes during the 17th century in Europe. Aristotle and his followers mainly believed that all the things on earth are a blend of four elements and this traditional theory was lambasted by Isaac Newton and his followers. So to prove himself right Aristotle and Epicurus came together to symbolize two fundamentally opposite views on how this Universe is put together. Aristotle agreed with Plato on the fact that the cosmos and living things did not occur accidentally and in order to understand this we need a Teological explanation. He tried to explain to the people God’s nature as to why things fall on the ground or the heavens move without having any knowledge of or link with the theory of gravity. As far as human world is concerned Aristotle located the origination of human society in an essential human nature which sorts individuals into different groups and organizations and hence according to his theory, society is an expression of natural sociability with social relationships.(Renfrew, C. 2003; Swingewood, A. 1984; Fara, P. 2009; Gregory, A. 2001; Smith, R. 1997) So the place to a begin any reformative modification arises from the inner will of an individual being and this change is shown in a way that the man relates himself as a part of the natural world and the natural world as a part of himself. All creatures are inter-linked in this world, each arriving from one source and coming back to that source and all returning back to Almighty God one day. Therefore, all creatures are a part of one another. A man should himself build his relationship with the nature as well as his fellow human beings.(The Relationship Between Man And The Natural World, 2013) "We are hard wired with the assumption that the world and the people in it can be understood. The belief that there are causal, probably simple, underlying explanations that we can find and live our lives by, is fundamental to the human psyche. Surely the world is coherent, surely we can make sense of it, we just have to find the right keys to unlock it. The eighteenth century Enlightenment and the beliefs in science and reason that flowed from it, has structured the western mind with an ironically religious faith that world will yield to sense." - JOHN ISSIT(Issit, J, 2013) If we consider today’s world then all humans must give due importance to our natural world as human world altogether is liable to protect and maintain the natural beauty of the planet they live in. Despite all the previous conflicts, far away alliances, damaged relationships, the natural beauty of this planet is ours to protect and preserve, regardless of what. So as we’re discovering more and more natural resources, it is entirely wrong on our part to use all the possible sources we can because by doing this we are allowing the planet to rot and this would eventually lead us to nowhere. Therefore, it is high time that the individuals control what natural resources they spend and use and stand to all the injustices which the human world is doing to the natural world and so now just for the sake of our brighter future the maintenance of this distinct natural world by the human world is a compulsion now.(Williams, T. 2013) REFERENCES: Goldin, O., &Kilroe, P. (1997). Human life and the natural world: Readings in the history of Western philosophy. Peterborough, Ont: Broadview Press. Renfrew, C. (2003). Figuring it out: What are we? Where do we come from? The parallel vision of artists and archaeologists. New York, NY: Thames & Hudson. Swingewood, A. (1984). A short history of sociological thought. New York: St. Martin's Press. Fara, P. (2009). Science: A four thousand year history. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Gregory, A. (2001). Eureka!: The birth of science. Cambridge: Icon. Smith, R. (1997). The Fontana history of the human sciences. London: Fontana Press. Williams, T. (n.d.). Humans and the Natural World: Is it Necessary for Humans to Care for Nature? Retrieved May 28, 2013, from The Relationship Between Man And The Natural World. (n.d.). The Egyptian Society for Spiritual and Cultural Research (ESSCR). Retrieved May 30, 2013, from Issit, J. (n.d.). John Issitt: April 2013. John Issitt. Retrieved May 30, 2013, from Read More
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