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Twenty-First-Century Technology and the Curriculum - Assignment Example

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Twenty-First-Century Technology and the Curriculum Overview K-12 schools are becoming much popular in the United States and the concept of K-12 education is broadening its scope in a very fast pace. As K-12 education focuses on educational as well as physical development, social and technological development of the students, it can prove to be a challenge to students as well as teachers in providing leadership to impose K-12 education…
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Twenty-First-Century Technology and the Curriculum
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Download file to see previous pages High quality education is very essential for overall development of the world (Young, Green, Roehrich-Patrick, & Joseph & Gibson, 2003). Curricular policies are to be taken into consideration while performing leadership. Those policies help the individuals in knowing their duties and responsibilities towards their task. Curriculum leadership functions have a very broad perspective. It can be performed by teachers as well students. There are variances in terms of roles that are needed to be performed in this kind of leadership context i.e. for teachers-teaching multiple subjects, looking after physical fitness of students and performing the basic functions of administration, similarly, same goes for students where they need to perform multiple tasks. However, performing different tasks invites hurdles that are faced by students as well as teachers while executing leadership functions with regard to curricular policies. These hurdles may result in non-delivery of output according to performance standards (Glatthorn, 2008). In this paper, the overall use of technology and its components used in schools in the 21st century will be analyzed and studied upon and based on the analysis proper recommendations will be made for implementation of better technology for the betterment of education system of Georgia (Bryan County) Public school system. Moreover, recommendations will also be made for planning and promoting ethics, privacy, and equity of access for all types of students in order to achieve all the parameters for a successful education system. The main stress will be laid upon the public schooling system of Georgia (Bryan County) public schools and based on the findings of the research proper use of technologically advanced teaching methods will be initiated for the betterment of the overall teaching system in Georgia (Bryan County) public schools. Evaluation of School’s setting Georgia (Bryan County) Public school system is a United States based school which caters to all students irrespective of their caste, color and language (Bryan County Schools, 2013). In the modern day context, schools’ setting comprising policies, plans, funding, facilities, equipment, trained administrators and teachers have become paramount factors in order to address the varying needs of the students. Georgia (Bryan County) public schools take care of all the students and staffs in a very unique manner. The policies of the school largely emphasize on equality among all the students. It does not believe in discrimination irrespective of caste, color, race or any other human limitations. The human resource policies of the school are embedded to cater to all the complaints that come from the part of the parents as well as all the staffs who serve the school. The school has sufficient funds which are required to cater to all the basic needs and requirements of the school. Georgia (Bryan County) public schools system comprises all the latest facilities which are designed for customization purposes. The school has enabled itself with latest technologies. These technologies include ’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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