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UK NATIONAL CURRICULUM University name Introduction A National Curriculum outlines the knowledge body, understanding and skills that society wishes to pass to the young people and its children…
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The UK National Curriculum
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Download file to see previous pages For the essay to critically analyze the National Curriculum, it will try to elaborate why the curriculum was deemed necessary, examine the different negative and positive consequences related with the curriculum implementation since 1988. Outline of the UK National Curriculum According to National Curriculum Council (1991), the National Curriculum was adopted with the main purpose to standardize the content that is taught in State Schools. This was meant to enable assessment which consequently will enable the league table compilation. The league table details the statistics of assessment for each school. Moreover, league tables combined with the provision for a choice to parents in assigning schools for their children were created with the main intention for free market encouragement. This allowed parents to choose schools for their children based on the ability to teach the National Curriculum (National Curriculum Council (Great Britain) 1989). The UK National Curriculum was structured in key stages and based on subjects. This covered the core subjects such as mathematics, English and science and the foundation subjects such as Geography, Art, Music, History, Technology and Physical Education. Moreover, the subjects were being studied from 5 to 16 years of age (Great Britain 1997). It was mandatory for each school to teach Religious Studies and other areas such as health, personal and social education. When and why the curriculum developed The department of science and education issued a consultation document that outlines the national curriculum. After consultation, the parliament passed the education reform act of 1988 which established the National Curriculum framework. The implementation of the curriculum commenced in 1989 and continued till mid 1990s (Walker & Soltis 2004). Great Britain (1999) points out that the first phase of the four key stages testing was finished in 1991. In addition, the school inspection responsibility was transferred from the inspectors of her majesty and the inspection teams of the local authority in 1993 to inspection of independent teams. The new work was to be coordinated by the new depart of state. According to Wales (2001), the documentation of the National Curriculum outlines the two main aims for the development of the National Curriculum. The first aim was that the school curriculum should strive to give all pupils opportunities to learn and excel (Great Britain 1997). National Curriculum Council (Great Britain) elaborates the aim that the schools are entitled to develop commitment to, enjoyment and learning as a mode of stimulating and encouraging the best progress possible and the best pupil’s attainment. Moreover, the curriculum should build interests, strengths and experience of the pupils and develop to their capacity their confidence to enable the pupils learn and independently work in collaboration. The curriculum is also intended to equip the pupils with learning skills which are essential such as numeracy, literacy and information and communication technology and lastly to promote an inquisitive mind and capacity to rationally think (Duckett, Sixsmith & Kagan 2008). National Curriculum Council (Great Britain) (1991) points out that the school curriculum should help the pupil’s development of sense of identity through understanding and knowledge of the spiritual, social, moral and cultural heritages of the diverse society of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The UK National Curriculum Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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