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Effects of Parent Involvement in Inner City School - Term Paper Example

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Many schools grapple with the definition of and measuring of parental involvement. This essay will delve on the significant effects of parental involvement in inner city schools by evaluating whether the effects are influential on child behavior and learning aspects. …
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Effects of Parent Involvement in Inner City School
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"Effects of Parent Involvement in Inner City School"

Download file to see previous pages This essay dclares that active parent involvement for parents is an ongoing participatory process in which a caregiver or a parent in the progress of their children. The demonstration of this progressive involvement may be through the discussion of school events, assisting in homework assignments, attending various school functions, and helping out in classroom activities when required. Another aspect of parent involvement is the attribute of parent serving as full and not partial partners in the education of their children by being part of the decision making process in their respective schools. However, not many public schools have the capacity to influence parent involvement as experiences and resources tend to vary hence this becomes the role of district schools.
This paper stresses that A lot of misconception exists on whether parents or guardians have the ability to engage effectively in the activities of children in a district school. The problems lie in how parents can heighten their involvement in child activities rather than the perceived notion that parents do not intend to participate in child learning in schools. According to, one of the reasons that influence parents to have minimal involvement in schools is the fact that many of the parents residing in inner city schools have minimal spare time because of their strict work schedules. Many parents may view parent involvement as a privilege to their school-going children while in the real sense it is a mandatory requirement under the law. As per the No Child Left Behind Act in Section 1118, parents have the responsibility of committing themselves to the parental involvement policy present in many inner city schools. Additionally, the section also emphasizes on the need for inner city schools to develop structures that would foresee the effective implementation of the provisions under the parents’ policy in these schools. The section also asserts the relevance of adopting the Title I policy in any public school funded publicly that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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