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Compare and Contrast Articles Name: Instructor: University: Course: Date: Compare and Contrast Articles Williamson, M. and Khiabany, G. (2010) ‘UK: The Veil and the Politics of Racism’, in Race and Class Vol.52 (2): 85-96 From multicultural perspective, the article portrays veil as image of refusal to integrate…
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ASSESSMENT This module is assessed through One Literature Review (3500 words) which you must submit electronically Submit
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Download file to see previous pages The banner of ‘Islamic world’ and its homogeneity is represented by discursive practices and not by diversity of geographical boundaries, politics, history, language as well as broader contexts of material life. Various sources including new orthodoxy in government circles as well as mass media represents Islam as an ‘exceptional’ case making Muslims to be detached racialized and essentialised (Hunt, 2002). The veil is considered as an Islamist attire symbolizing loyalty to the religion and analogous to swastika used by Nazism. The argument over Muslim women’s clothing has led to emerging political battles. However, wearing the veil is considered part of the agenda of Islamic fundamentalism ( Modood, 2009 ). According to the article the veil is barbaric symbol which have been fought years past but still presents symbol of inequality and lack of freedom for women. The veil amongst other issues is considered to hide various women characteristics, virtue and status, for instance it could hide a loving mother as well as truly religious woman. There is some level of difficulty in differentiating which of the women hidden in veil represent genuine Islam. Linking the veil to Islamic fundamentalism of ‘child marriage’ and ‘murder’ represents it as a symbol of barbarism as discussed above (de Castro, 2004). This has been considered as contributing towards larger percentage of Islamophobic atmosphere which links veiling to illegal activities which in actual sense are far away from the truth. According to this article, the veil is compared to balaclava normally used by armed robber or a mugger. This is because both outfits shield identities of the wearer. In the same instance, the veil is considered as key signifier of Islam especially in ‘war against terror’ where it is constructed in the imagery of intruding violent threat. The attire has also been used in constructing public discourse which links Islamic religion to political questions on violence affecting regions such as United States and United Kingdom. The picture of veiled woman is sympathetically constructed as victim of extremism within the society. This was even used as key justification for the bombing of Afghanistan and Iraq, since the countries were considered as exercising disregard for the plight of Afghan women. Oppressive regime of Taliban equates veiling with tyranny hence considered as part of enemy’s territory. Werbner, P. (2007) ‘Veiled Interventions in Pure Space: Honor Shame and Embodied Struggles among Muslims in Britain and France’ in Theory Culture and Society, 24(2) pp. 161-186 According to the article various theoretical bases of state and law have been enacted as a recognized means of handling differences in human behavior as portrayed by religious dogmas. Basically, the kind of faith predominant in an area is as a result of strong traditional, cultural and political features as presented by occupants. However, the natural law identifies certain human objective values and demands as the basis for legal systems within regions. According to doctrine of natural law, various important components of traditional and cultural behavior are considered as having strong influence on human rights. Conversely, religion is considered as specific cultural form capable of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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