Critically discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the outdoor learning environment in the UK's Early Years - Essay Example

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Learning environments Name Institution affiliation Tutor Date Learning environments It is an obvious assumption that the early years of childhood education are fundamentally formative and governments across the globe have invested resources and funds to ensure this part of their education system is effectively provided for…
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Critically discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the outdoor learning environment in the UKs Early Years
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Download file to see previous pages According to Watson (2000) the significance of childhood education cannot be underestimated since it may shape most character traits and behavior a child adopts (34). In childhood education two factors are usually considered. One is the gender difference between children and the different adaptation skills of both genders (CCEA, 2003; 56). Second is the involvement of outdoor activities in the early childhood education curriculum. It is a common thought that boys adapt faster to outdoor activities than girls. At an early age boys tend to have an adventurous trait which is absent in most girls (Tymms, Merrell & Henderson, 2000; 102). In words by Costello (2000) boys have a dire need for acquiring education than girls (87). The author further argues that boys tend to react well to the introduction to the education system well than girls. However, this depends on the activities involved in the curriculum implemented. In an argument by Leavers (2000) girls acquire more skills in indoor activities than boys (67). Girls at this early age tend to avoid physical activities due to their sexuality. Sylva, Siraj-Blatchford & Taggart (2003) argue that the modern day girl child is more connected to their sexuality at an early and this hinders their participation in physical outdoor (97). As much there is so much opposition on the outdoor activities being involved in the curriculum, there are numerous advantages of the system. In words by Sproule (2003) outdoor learning stretches the imaginative range of a child (112). This is because outdoor activities and learning involve a lot of imaginative and creative thinking activities. A child is exposed to a world where they can relate to the natural environment. This according to Sproule (2002) makes their spirit become more jovial and free (107). Additionally, the physical activities aid in the development of a child’s cognitive abilities. Their psychology is given a boost in terms of strength and length of their thinking capacity. Another advantage of the outdoor education system is that it gives a child the best opportunity to realize their talent at an early age (Sheehy, 2000; 123). This is because outdoor activities allow a child to explore more and apply their abilities at different angles (Leavers, 2000; 34). Disadvantages of outdoor education system revolve around denying a child the opportunity to grow their formal education knowledge faster and at an early age. In words by Moyles, Adams & Musgrove (2002) it is important for a child to have an early and effective formal education system since the system will be used all through their lives (90). The author further argues that this makes it important for them to adapt to the system earlier before they develop their complete mental and psychological abilities. In a nation like Sweden, the early childhood curriculum is based on the involvement of the outdoor environment. The curriculum bases its formal education on tangible and enjoyable factors in the outdoor environment (Claxton & Carr, 2004; 111). This move has been highly praised by educationalist and theorist by arguing that this is the best way that a child could acquire enough intelligence and knowledge at their age. Another hailed inclusion of this education system is the involvement of the forest schools. In words by Leavitt, Tonniges & Rogers (2003) the exposure of children to the natural en ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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