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Synopsis Institution Affiliation: Date: The problem of autism as witnessed in different children has been adequately addressed in the book, Let Me Hear Your Voice: A Family's Triumph over Autism, by Catherine Maurice…
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Let me hear your voice synopsis
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"Let me hear your voice synopsis"

Download file to see previous pages The children having been diagnosed with the condition at an early age were given minimal chance of survival. However, Catherine gives an outline of the mean of survival during the pains and suffering and through sheer willpower, how she managed to get the children to live and rejoice. The book expresses the behavioral concept to autism where the attitude and behavior change are advocated. The major idea brought forward is that the attitude towards autistic children can influence growth and development both physically and mentally. The aspect of parental love and care to children with autism is advocated and shows the challenges faced by couples and way forward. The book also focuses on the need to address this issue in the society on the various approaches to dealing with the concept of autism should it crop up. Catherine aims at addressing the people and the whole world when talking about autism. The audience is not entirely parents but also includes the professionals such as the psychologists and all readers who have an interest in the topic. An advantage is that it shows a practical method of handling autism cases and shows positive feedback to the subject through behavior change. This paper addresses the impression brought forward on the experience of the mother as portrayed in the book. Catherine is portrayed to be hard working based on her need to take care of her children. Her experience is sad and mostly given the aspect of the two children under her care who are autistic. She has experienced hard times during the bringing up of her daughter even in the short period of the years. Living with an autistic child can be demanding but, she devoted her time through learning so as to bring her family normally despite the challenges. She says that during the first year and a half, Anne Marie was all right but afterwards her parents began to notice several changes that were quite disturbing. Anne began to withdraw from other people, had repetitive behavior, a sense of much terror about changes, and a lack of language skills. Such effects among others are common among children having autism and can only show the impacts to the mothers of such children. The struggle by the mother through thick and thin and against all the situations that did not work brought Catherine to the conclusion that behavioral therapy was the best approach towards the treatment of autistic children. This book is about the struggle, love, pain and faith of a family which aims to lend hope to several families throughout the world and give advice to most therapist professionals. Given this book was written some years ago, am in agreement that parents have different experiences during the early years of the diagnosis of their children, even though some experiences might still be similar. The similarity of the experiences is based on the reactions after the knowledge that a child is autistic and the attitudes that are conveyed. Parents still may have different experiences based on the stage or the state of the autism. When diagnosed early, the parents might experience panic, fear, revulsion and even some may reject the children bringing an aspect of discontentment. Most however, may accept the situation and find means to alleviate or to bring comfort to the lives of their children. Since this book has been used for some time now, the changes in the lifestyles may render some parts ineffective ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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