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Whilst Early Childhood Education and Care Policy Took a Central Place Under New Labour - Essay Example

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This paper will describe some of the Early-year policies and their drivers. It will show what made the government enact such policies and how they are implemented. The essay will also feature on the effects of policy development on various stakeholders. …
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Whilst Early Childhood Education and Care Policy Took a Central Place Under New Labour
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Extract of sample "Whilst Early Childhood Education and Care Policy Took a Central Place Under New Labour"

Download file to see previous pages The program also depends on both the community population and poverty level. Both must attain specific standards for the policy to be implemented. It also benefits the disabled children and those with special needs. Additionally, the strategy also provides each community with equal opportunities. It was updated in 2004 and during this same year there was an expansion of the childcare facilities to 1.8 million. By the year 2006, child care centers were two million. The policy had an average budget of 400 million pounds in the years 2001 to 2004 and these were increased by 770 million pound in the year 2008 (Cohen, Moss, Petrie, and Wallace, 2004, p. 10). Recently, the project has been boosted in terms of fund sources, which include recruitment campaign, grants and neighborhood nurseries. Each source boosts different areas which include recruitment of more childcare service employees to buy new equipment for the local authorities, which fall under 20% of the most deprived wards. The funds so far have been allocated to projects which improve childcare. Recruitment campaign will provide funds for recruiting professionals who give advice to childcare providers (Waller, 2009, p.65). Every Child Matters (ECM) is a policy that was established in the year 2004 in form of a green paper. The policy was enacted after the Children’s Act in the year 2004. It was set to ensure there was a better outcome on its five aims which are essential aspects in growth of children between 1-19 years. The five principles of the policy are regarded as the pillars of child development. It gives emphasis on the health of a child, his or her safety,...
This paper approves that professionals and academics on the other hand have their views in regard to developed policies. Professionals argue that childhood is a stage where a child should be allowed to play and be free. They are opposed to having children undergo defined curriculum and set activities. They argue that a child has the right to enjoy the present. Politicians and policy formulators develop this curriculum with the aim of having a productive workforce. The professionals argue that this is contrary to a child’s interest at their early age. They also argue that the freedom of the parent to educate their child in accordance with their own philosophies. There are more job opportunities for the professionals as the policies are being implemented. The teachers also benefit from programs that advice them on how to deal with children. The media avenues have established a key trend in the 21st century. It is evident that there is great value for early childhood development strategies. Early childhood education has been a constant feature in the magazines and other print forms.
This report makes a conclusion that the childhood policies over the years are more inclined to market oriented solutions and not based on children welfare. In recent years, this has changed with the present and previous government. The British government is set to reduce child poverty and reduce the social inequality. There has been increased commitment to the establishment and implementation of the childcare policies. The policies have been as a result of the Acts of parliament. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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