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Assignment 2 - Essay Example

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Nature and Nurture Name Lecturer Date There has been a hotly contested debate surrounding the nature versus nurture concept. The main agenda on top of that debate is the need to understand how exactly our surroundings influence the development. In the nurture versus nature debate, all that matters at the end of the day is the influence that an environment has on the kind of development witnessed in an organism (Woodson, 2010)…
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Assignment 2
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Nature and Nurture Lecturer There has been a hotly contested debate surrounding the nature versus nurture concept. The main agenda on topof that debate is the need to understand how exactly our surroundings influence the development. In the nurture versus nature debate, all that matters at the end of the day is the influence that an environment has on the kind of development witnessed in an organism (Woodson, 2010). In the two trees, kind of environment they have developed in shows the kind of traits witnessed eventually as they grow taller. Looking at the two pictures of the trees shown, it is quite evident that they grew up in different sets of environment. The Bonsai tree is the tree that has been grown is a controlled environment. The oak tree is the other tree that has developed in natural environment with no unnecessary controls. The similarities that are witnessed in the two trees, first of all, is that they both need nutrients to be able to grow. The other similarity is that the trees both need an unvaried amount of light to be able to facilitate photosynthesis. Both the trees need water to be able grow taller and any instance of halted water supply has the capability of affecting the development intensely. The differences witnessed in the two trees include the environment they are brought up in. the Bonsai is brought up in the kind of environment that is controlled. The oak tree however is brought up in a free environment that is natural. The Bonsai tree is more of a potted plant while the oak tree grows on the ground. The Bonsai relies on caretakers to be able to supply various important ingredients that can facilitate their growth, like the nutrients, while the oak tree has to rely on the environment and the natural surroundings to get to survive. Another difference is that the Bonsai experiences interferences during growth, such as pruning, while the oak tree experiences fewer or no interferences at all. Another major difference is that Bonsai, in some cultures, the trees do not have pure breeds as they are cross-bred to boost quality whereas tha oak tree stays as a natural species without any form of cross breeding unless specified otherwise in instances where it is necessary to do so for scientific purposes. The two trees were influenced may two different forces to be able to exhibit the kind of growth seen. The Bonsai, from the look of the kind of the surrounding witnessed, is influenced by the force of nurture. This is because this specific tree relies on caretakers to be able to get the necessary nutrients and water. By looking at the tree, it is potted and thus cannot get such nutrients from the natural soil in its actual habitat. The nurture forces require dedicated approach from the side of the caretakers so as to avoid neglecting the plant. This kind of force requires that keen interest is observed as any slight inconsistence in nurturing the plant may make it dry up. The Oak tree has developed under the force of nature. This is because the tree can be seen growing in its natural habitat. It is therefore very important to assess the weather patterns in the area of growth as it can explain the success in its development. If one was to start treating the Bonsai the same way the Oak tree is treated, then it will prove to be largely unsuccessful. This is because the Bonsai has grown accustomed to controlled environment and thus the free natural environment may prove too adverse. On the other hand, the Oak tree, if treated as the Bonsai, the efforts may backfire. This is because the Bonsai is a potted plant, and trying to grow the oak tree in a potted environment will never work. The oak tree may find it inadequate to survive on the detailed and little amounts of supported implements and hence moving the oak tree to the Bonsai environment will hardly work. Nature had the greatest influence when comparing the two forces. This is because nature has managed to grow a tree to large heights and of great height and length with no external interference whereas nurture needs an amount of interference to grow a tree that rarely grows as tall as the oak tree. The Bonsai tree was never raised in a hostile environment as the kind of controlled environment the tree grows in always tends to be friendly, with the care of a willing caretaker. The Bonsai tree was mostly affected by social environments and the success of its growth largely depends on the fact that the family, the community and cultural environments should be in good faith so as to make the growth process sail smoothly. The bonsai has been influenced greatly by social environment. This is because the potted plants need great care that mostly arises from such social environments like the community and the family. Biological factors also tend to influence development of the Bonsai tree but only mostly at the nutrients level. It is therefore important to note that the social environment gauges the development of the tree. A loving and caring family will often always do their best and turn turns to nurture the plant References Woodson, B. (2010). Nature & Nurture: The Art & Science of Living the Good Life, London: Tate Publishing. Read More
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(Assignment 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words - 1)
Assignment 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words - 1.
“Assignment 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words - 1”, n.d.
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