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Article Review on Technology in Education - Assignment Example

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Article Review on the Use of Technology in the Classroom Institution Date Article Review on the Use of Technology in the Classroom Article Summary According to Reynard (2012), videoconferencing is an affordable and convenient tool that marks modern education…
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Article Review on Technology in Education
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Extract of sample "Article Review on Technology in Education"

Download file to see previous pages Videoconferencing at present is a medium for learning partnerships both in the local scene and in the international setup. Reynard (2012) cited “the inclusion of video increases the sense of presence,” and considers this as a means of collaboration. This educational tool has evolved in the recent years to include media tools, such as chat, as well as interactive whiteboards, which increase the exchange of ideas and resources alike, taking learning and the accumulation of knowledge to new heights (Reynard, 2012). This promotes access to what is otherwise accessible – locations which are commonly not that open to the public and expert educators who are too geographically distant; in reference to inaccessible locations, virtual tours are utilized (Reynard, 2012). Another advantage of this modern day educational tool is that it can make available the unavailable, such as classes not normally offered in the school, or those beyond the normal hours of school, which would be highly advantageous for those who are not able to avail of normal class hours (Reynard, 2012). Another important benefit of videoconferencing is that it helps students go the extra mile – tutoring and enrichment activities online, in real time, and without geographical constraints (Reynard, 2012). ...
Furthermore, technology like videoconferencing may bridge the gap between different cultures as it provides worldwide reach to all students; this would yield better-informed students and well versed in aspects in which traditional students are not due to limited access to resources. There would be constant updates of any advancement or modification in education across the globe, as this education tool goes beyond geographical boundaries. In the future, students would be more interested and involved to learn as videoconferencing offers them interactive learning. It would give new meaning to the term – experience – since this teaching strategy would make the learners feel as if they are in that particular scenario, hence, making them believe like it was their own personal experience. There would probably be an increase in the number of students, as those who do not have the luxury of time could avail of such dynamic and effective education made very convenient to them since it is not bound by normal school hours. Personal Opinion: How Technology will Shape Education in the Future Technology is evolving, as it is used in the field of education, so will the latter evolve, as well. Education will be better, as technology will constantly upgrade, so will the skills of the students. Thus, to keep up with complex learning needs brought about by modernized educational tools utilized by students, educators will adapt to such modernity. They will be well equipped with modern strategies to address learning needs. In the process, education will reach new heights. The standard of education would be further uplifted, producing more competitive ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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