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Should corporal punishment be permitted in public schools - Essay Example

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Should corporal punishment be permitted in public schools? Caning in schools has long been agreed by the British parliament to outlaw. In 1998, the parliament banned corporal punishment for all within the academic institution (BBC News, 1998). Aside from his strong stand that corporal punishment is wrong in principle and barbaric, Don Foster, Liberal Democrat education spokesman, said in a report, “There is no evidence whatsoever that the use of corporal punishment is an effective deterrent, either for a child who may have been misbehaving nor indeed is it a deterrent for other children” (BBC News, 1998)…
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Should corporal punishment be permitted in public schools
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"Should corporal punishment be permitted in public schools"

Download file to see previous pages In psychology, it is a proven observation that a man’s self-awareness changes over time as they are exposed to the environment, which could facilitate their learning. This is evident in cognitive, behavioral and humanistic perspectives in psychology that try to point out that the environment plays a crucial role in the child’s developmental stage particularly in their learning process (Feldman, 2003). This therefore tries to stand in contradiction against Foster’s claim that a punishment may not be an effective deterrent. In psychology, punishment may facilitate learning (Feldman, 2003). In addition, self-awareness develops over time with age (Feldman, 2003). Considering this point, it is therefore important to include the idea that the level of learning may not be equal to all people especially among children of varying ages. There are those children who could not totally relate with punishment and there are those who could manage to understand it. As a result, some children may be able to learn from their experience with punishment and others may not, which may depend on the prevailing age due to the issue of self-awareness and its development. Considering this point, Foster might have been trying to generalise the issue. In fact, a certain study reveals that in general there is reduction of disruptive behaviors with the employment of disciplinary interventions among alomost 80 percent of the subjects (Marzano, Marzano & Pickering, 2003, p.78). Although this evidence requires further validation, but the point is that there are considerable studies needed in order to justify whatever claims concerning punishment and deterrent. There are other methodological concerns and scientific considerations that need to be taken into account the moment there is a relevant push to knowing whether corporal punishment is effective most importantly in public schools. Furthermore, punishment requires reinforcement for it to be effective. This is a remarkable suggestion based on a study employing combined punishment and reinforcement in correcting misbehaviours (Marzano, Marzano & Pickering, 2003, p.78). This means for instance that after a child receives a punishment, there should be somebody who must be skilled enough to explain clearly to the subject concerning why there is a need to inflict punishment. This should suppose to help the child understand the point why he is punished in the first place. As a result, if children clearly understand the reason behind caning in schools, it would condensed within their innermost understanding that they just have to behave in the class. They would learn to realise that not being able to behave is not normal especially if they are in the classroom or inside the school premises where the ultimate reason why they are there is to learn good things. For them to learn, then they have to conduct themselves well. Employing punishment could help establish this mindset in schools. Now here is the ultimate reason why corporal punishment should be permitted in public schools. Students need discipline. It is not inhumane if they are punished for as long as the ultimate reas ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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