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Designing Learning Activities in a Standards-Based System - Assignment Example

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Professional Development Activity * EDU* Literacy Dr. * March 6, 2013 A The Professional Development Activity This report is on the professional development activity of participating in an online workshop. I chose this professional development activity which is “Designing Learning Activities in Standard-Based Systems” (Reeves, 2012) because it is free and easy to assess the learning activities, as well as develop engaging activities that will enable students to master the academic standards; "some activities emphasize helping teachers improve student performance in the basic skills " (Garet, Porter, Desimone, Birman, & Yoon, 2001, p…
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Designing Learning Activities in a Standards-Based System
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Download file to see previous pages When based on the organization, the resulting activity will be of high quality, allow for learning from others and the designed activity can be uses by the entire school. My chosen professional development is individual based because it can be accessed online at any place, and an individual can develop by him/herself based on his or her personal preference. The content of this professional development activity has helped me develop professionally in the area of standard-based systems for learning activities. I have learned that the “lifeless content” (Garet, Porter, Desimone, Birman, & Yoon, 2001, p. 920) is the normal curriculum can be translated into meaningful learning objectives, as well as strong standards, for the authentic assessment and engagement of the learning activities. ...
B The Professional Development Activity in Context. This professional development activity I chose relates to the culture of my school. Based on the school culture of the graduate programs in the College, students are supposed to cover the syllabus within the required time. Nevertheless, the traditional methods of teaching emphasize on covering the curriculum without engaging the students to develop activities by themselves based on standardised system. This helps students, teachers and parents. This area relates to the New York state educational policy where new teachers have to undergo training before they start teaching. Teachers undergo induction period for the first two to three years to develop their capabilities. Also, beginners in the teaching field are not left to work on their own. Teachers are prepared well prior to teaching, can develop the expertise on their own and teaching can be mastered in a relatively short time. Peer coaching and mentoring to enhance analysis of application, companionship and technical feedback are all features of this teacher training. Also, competence of teachers has to be evaluated annually to enhance continued learning. According to Whitehouse et. al. (2006), "professional development of teachers is to help teachers improve their professional practice so that students learn better" (p.49). Professional Learning and Leadership Standards enhance lifelong learning among the reading professionals, and this equips them with skills such as reading, attending the professional meetings, and pursuing an advanced degree. Also, the professions are able to evaluate the importance of advocacy, professional learning experiences, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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