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Critically discuss the meaning you attach to assessment and how this translates to classroom practice. (You may draw on: key as - Essay Example

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Assessment for Learning Assessment for Learning Introduction Black defines Assessment for learning as the process in which the main purpose of the design of the assessment is to help students learn, this differentiates assessment that is designed for holding someone accountable, or assessments that are used to rank individuals or provide certification for their competencies (BLACK, 2007, p.14)…
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Critically discuss the meaning you attach to assessment and how this translates to classroom practice. (You may draw on: key as
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Extract of sample "Critically discuss the meaning you attach to assessment and how this translates to classroom practice. (You may draw on: key as"

Download file to see previous pages This form of assessment is regarded as formative in nature or recognized by the name of formative assessment as in this form of assessment; the information or the feedback is utilized to meet the needs of the learners. Body Types of Assessment Black and William and several experts of the field of education, state that formative assessment cannot be regarded as an event and cannot even be referred to as a tool (BLACK, 1998). They regard formative assessment as box of procedures that all have a feature that is common amongst them. The feature that all these procedures contain is that all of them contain certain action that assists in improving learning. Sadler states that the formative assessment is a term used to refer to assessments that are created with the purpose of providing feedback on an individual’s performance and can help in elevating the pace of learning (Sadler, 1989, p. 115). In the case of formative assessment, the instruments utilized for assessment are not formative in nature, instead the information obtained through different tools is formative in nature because it leads to alterations in teaching practices to make learning more effective. In a particular educational setting, various stools including quizzes, tests and projects are utilized, these tools are not considered as formative, but the information obtained after application of these tools is regarded as formative assessment. Another form of assessment that is utilized in classrooms is summative assessment, summative assessment is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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