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English Language Larners Case Study - Essay Example

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ENGLISH LANGUAGE LEARNERS CASE STUDY What is happening in this Vignette As far as Elsa is concerned, there are two major forms of situations that can be pointed to as what is currently happening with her. The first has to do with what we do know and we do not know…
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English Language Larners Case Study
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Download file to see previous pages For example, we are told that Elsa does not have enough people around her with whom she would practice the speaking of English language when she goes home. Worse of all, there are not as many English language learning materials around her at home as there are Spanish learning materials. Meanwhile, learning through literacy development brings out the idea that practice is one of the best ways to master the learning of English language (Smiley and Salsberry, 2007). This is because as people practice what they have learnt, they get the opportunity to make mistakes and also correct these mistakes. Constant practice also speeds up the process of gaining proficiency as it makes the learner have the luxury of devising personal methodologies of learning the language. Again for Elsa, what is happening is that she is suffering interference in her attempt to learn English as a second language as in school, she gets the opportunity of speaking Spanish with other colleagues who are Hispanic. Indeed, if English had been the only language she spoke in school, the need for her to take her English lessons seriously would have gone up because that would have been the only way by which she would have had people to communicate with. As far as those happenings that we are not particularly certain about are concerned, mention can be made of the fact that Elsa is not receiving much parental support as far as the learning of English as a second language is concerned. This assumption is made against the background that in the case of Elsa, we read of no drastic attempts being made by the parents or other relations at home to get the little English learner motivated to learn English at the fastest rate possible. It is said that motivation are different and comes in different forms. The two generalized types of motivation that can be applied to a young English language learner like Elsa are intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation. Presently, any of these forms of motivation seem to be absent at home for Elsa. If intrinsic motivation was available for Elsa, we would have read of her parents trying to motivate her by trying to speak English with her, getting her as extra class teacher, praising her on her attempts and efforts in learning the English language, and planning special holidays for her for efforts she puts up at school. If extrinsic motivation were also available, we would have read of parents of Elsa buying English language learning materials like wall charts, books and films for Elsa. Indeed, motivation is an important element and reinforcement that speeds up the rate of learning for any new English language learner like Elsa. Four different relevant issues Judging from the readings, there are number of important issues that come up to describe the type of English language learner that Elsa is. Most of these issues also help us in knowing precisely what is wrong with the progress rate of Elsa and how this problem can be corrected or minimized. The first issue that is directly related to the type of English language learner Elsa is has to do with the issue of a learner who lags behind when it comes to English language learning experience. This was made manifest when she was presented with the chapter to read. It is a good sign that Ms Smith also identified this and started thinking of ways of helping Elsa to get more out of the reading experience. The second issue ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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English Language Larners Case Study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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