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Successful Live Streaming Lecture Trial - Case Study Example

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The study " Successful Live Streaming Lecture Trial" illustrates the learning and development element, and shows how a student gets in touch with the teachers despite the distance. The interactive scenario is the streaming of a lecture where students do interact with teachers from a far distance…
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Successful Live Streaming Lecture Trial
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Extract of sample "Successful Live Streaming Lecture Trial"

Download file to see previous pages One significant disadvantage with this is the fact that the scenario favors those teachers and students who get access to the available opportunity. On the contrary, the advantage of this scenario is that a teacher is able to reach almost all students all over the world. Further, the students are entitled to the courses of their choices globally. Here, for effective communication and interaction, it is advisable to have two screens in a class that is one will take care of the slides and the other one for depicting the world virtually. With the above in place, all the learners will be compiled to follow the lecture with ease (Gold .2007.p.123). This is more advantageous compared to the isolated on-demand settings. Students are motivated and maximally put in their total participation since they get entitled to intuitive interaction and virtual participation. More so, this system of decision making for education is can be intensified with the acquisition of knowledge. Notably, with this type of education, one is able to use audio or chat directly by passing information to the concerned person. For instance, a lecturer is capable of talking to the students all over the world, and with the supporting systems, the sound reaches the student and vice versa. Actually, the above scenario involves a teacher teaching students using the current technology in teaching. Below are their characters and their positions. person position character Mr.Mchhurtz A teacher Authoritative, punctual, social, a good communicator, cheerful Ist student A good listener, talkative, sociable, and good communicator. 2nd student Talkative, sociable, curious, and he has self-control 3 rd student Curious, persuasive, a good listener but lazy Firstly, this was an educative scenario where the teacher was teaching from Harvard University, attending to a student from all over the world. More so, this was a computer science class, masters’ student (Jones, 2007.p 420). During registration time, the student catches the proceedings through the internet and, so they are given admission without many difficulties. Moreover, they are further given timetable and so they follow the class proceedings from a distance with ease. Notably, with a well arrange organization, decision making is a key factor in not only controlling but also in giving correct and relevant directions to the related employees. Therefore, all employees have a part to play in facilitating the strength as well as weakness of ay give the organization. Likewise, education is an institution that needs its members to embrace technology on a wider realm of life. Lastly, it is vital for every student to take heed of the technological advancement in ensuring education is achieved in its highest, However, the following table illustrates what exactly every person said during the 12th lesson person Transcription of the interactions Teacher “Good evening class, in the last class I talked about the computer memories. where we saw that accumulator “A”, is what stores all the input data from that comes in form all the other memories as the computing part 1st student “Good evening, sir and where does computing takes place?” ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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