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Personal and professional growth statement with goals - Research Paper Example

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(Insert Instructor) Personal and Professional Growth Statement with Goals For a long time, I have been of the belief that education or learning is for the person that is being taught. I always thought that the listener was the only learner during a particular session…
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Personal and professional growth statement with goals
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Download file to see previous pages Sub-consciously, learners teach more to their teachers than they can fathom. Another belief that I came to view as superstitious is the belief that education was designed solely for equipping an individual with intelligence. Unfortunately, this is the same thought that most people have and the truth of the matter is that this is a misguided point of view. One of the major objectives of education is to help a learner or a child realize the inborn capabilities and talents and the potential that they possess (Gardner 34). If articulated in the right manner, education will help the learner to be able to develop and nurture problem solving skills on a personal level. These are the two major realizations that have helped me grow as a person and as a future professional educator; the second being the most impactful. As discussed, the first realization that has had an impact on my way of thinking is the fact that learning is an interactive process in totality. As a classroom based educator, my number one objective should be to create a conducive classroom climate. A conducive classroom climate is one that encourages the participation of all the students in class. For example, group discussions is one of the ways that can promote a conducive classroom climate. ...
School climate is based on the experiences that one gets from school life and reflects the norms, goals values, inter-personnel relationships, teaching, learning and leadership practices. As an elementary educator, my goal is to help create and develop a school climate that produces a holistic student (Hinman, 96). My second realization has helped me understand the importance of education in helping an individual to realize their in-born capabilities and talents. Through the theory of multiple intelligences, Howard Gardner explains that there are nine multiple intelligences that are present in humans (41) . These intelligences are in-built and the role of education is to nurture them to perfection for the attainment of their full potential. Linguistic intelligence is the first kind of intelligence that Gardner highlights. This is the ability of an individual to use language to express their thoughts. Most elementary students are very vibrant and proactive in speech. It is however not easy for a child to express their thoughts in a direct manner. If a child shows signs of linguistic intelligence, it is up to me as an elementary teacher to teach them how to nurture this talent and help them in development of their career. It is essential to help children grow in their linguistic intelligence because language is the most common and most accepted form of communication in the world. Another form of intelligence is logical thinking. It can also be referred to as mathematical thinking. Some children have the capabilities to understand the underlying principle of a casual system and can be able to manipulate numbers (Adsit, 67). When I become a professional educator, I will be teaching such kind of children how to use their capabilities to come up with inventions among other ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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