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2: Background of Topic and Measurement Model, Part 2 - Assignment Example

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Education System Proposal Date Education System Proposal This educational system aims at analyzing performance higher education levels performance. In addition, it recommends on what worthy education system should promote to higher learning students…
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Assignment 2: Background of Topic and Measurement Model, Part 2
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Download file to see previous pages Incorporating graduate schools within institutions offer advanced levels of education. Despite their acknowledgement by the government to offer quality education, some do not offer the skills and knowledge required of them to students. Education plays significant roles in individual's life. For this reason, qualitative education system is essential for the success of students. An excellent career depends on the level of knowledge and skills provided at higher education level. Education system evaluation is vital, as most students prefer associations with high quality education system. Due to the economic changes, some of the higher learning institutions have diverted their main goal of providing education to profit-making from the payments of the students. This is evidence from the rate of development of the private higher learning institution. In addition, they are outnumbering the public institutions. Performance of the instructors is one of the key factors that need close evaluation to have prolific education systems. Some instructors are reluctant or even incompetent as their main motive is making money and earning a living. As a result, no matter how hardworking the student is, the results are poor performances. Professional Development Design The main issue affecting professionalism is education system quality that students undergo. Hence, schools and institutions should integrate all education matters according to the K-12 to meet the best outcome of the student. Research based learning is highly commendable as it engages the student to adequately familiarize on the area of study. As a result, project-based learning should be incorporated in the white papers to arrive at an effective education system. Projects strengthen students' class work by exposure to real situations related to theory taught in classrooms. Perfection results from continuous practices. Owing to this, the resultant education system will not only be effective but also promote professional development to students as well as instructors. Besides, learning methods should be integrated such as the customary methods where a student would handpick class work to the instructor and online learning approach. This will converse students in outdated and forthcoming aspects of learning. Learning Environment This education system should offer the students with good environment to study. It should be creative as well as brain storming to enable the student to engage more time in learning activities. The environment should completely discourage violence. Aggression issues negatively affect normal learning activities in higher institutions hence calls for the system to set up peaceful correlation among students. In addition, it should create a good relationship between students and instructors. Dynamic Technology in Higher Education Modern world is run by changing technology. In order to meet professional development, education system should change with the pace at which the technology is changing. Online live chats such as Skype by students and instructors leads to effective and timely problem solving. Policies Governing Higher Education Most higher learning institutions are governed by policies formulated by the government. Consequently, politics is inevitable in higher learning institutions. Once politics is assimilated in institutions, students engage more to politics hence leave professional dev ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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