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Children's Literature Critique - Essay Example

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THE MISSING PIECE Name: Institution: The Missing Piece There are few books that have the capability of touching both the hearts of adults and children. However, The Missing Piece by Shel Silverstein does just that. The author has managed to brought together themes of self-appreciation are not only appealing to children, but are also alluring to adults…
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Childrens Literature Critique
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"Children's Literature Critique"

Download file to see previous pages In the first part of the book, the story revolves around Pacman-looking circle, searching for the lost pizza-like piece which completes its being. There is no indication whether Pacman-looking circle is a male or female. Pacman-looking circle looks for the missing pizza-like piece everywhere, asking people it meets along the way if they have seen the missing piece or if they can give directions leading to where the missing piece is. It looks everyone and does not give up with the search since it has high hopes that it was going to find the missing piece. In his search, it sings a melancholic song which it hums to show how sad it was for not finding its missing piece. The song, “Oh, I am looking for my missing piece; I am looking for my missing piece…” (Silverstein, 1976) makes readers feel the pain the Pacman-looking circle has. Pacman-looking circle finds several pieces a long its way. It tries if they can fit in the space only to be disappointed that they cannot. Some fitThis does not discourage it since it goes on with its search with hopes that it would find the missing piece. The first part of the series comes to an end when Pacman-looking circle finally finds its missing piece. It is intriguing to note that Pacman-looking circle fits the missing piece only to realize that it cannot put up with it. ...
Silverstein demonstrates that the missing piece had not come to terms with Pacman-looking circle’s realization that one should be happy with the way they are. It was searching for a piece to make it complete. However, upon meeting the big O, the missing piece is made to understand the fulfillment one gets by understanding one-self. The big O mentors the missing piece and makes it understand that there is no need to look for another piece to make it complete. The content in The Missing Piece series is suitable for young children. This is because at this age, most children normally face challenges of self-acceptance brought about by some of the imperfections they may have. For instance, an albino child may be alienated from his peers because he or she feels out of place. In as much as being an albino is not his or her wish; the child should be made aware that the condition should not be a hindrance to his or her communication and interaction with others. Therefore, by reading the book, children will get an understanding of how they are. Additionally, will learn to appreciate and love themselves despite the imperfections they have. The book also has basic illustrations and simple phrases that catch the attention of children. For instance, while describing the missing piece’s movement, Silverstein (1976) asserts, “the missing piece was bumping instead of flopping, and then it was bouncing instead of bumping.” Such illustrations arouse the interests of young children. The front cover of the book also has the picture of the Pacman-looking circle, and it is most certain that children who have a glimpse of it on bookstore shelves would request ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Children'S Literature Critique Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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