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Assessment Proposal, - Assignment Example

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Assessment Proposal Date Assessment Proposal This assessment will be on students who are blind or those with low vision. Several terminologies are used to refer to the children with visual disabilities. This is dependant on the degree of the visual problem…
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Assessment Proposal,
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Download file to see previous pages Those referred to as low vision are having vision problem in near and far distances. Reasons for Selecting the Topic Proper vision is one of the most important requirements in learning. Whereas there are remedies for student who are not able to see, it is obvious that there are still other things that can not be sufficiently be provided, for instance diagrammatical presentation reinforce proper understanding during teaching and it is recommended for instilling dipper understanding of a concept to the students. Definitely, students who are not able to see completely are disadvantaged at this stage. Secondly, completely blind student will have reasonable problem and probably will not venture into other disciplines that requires over utility of the visual part of learning. Disciplines like biomedical sciences, where student are required to use microscope in analysis and observation of the micro units involves in the study can be a considerable challenge to the student with visual problems. Lastly, most examinations are time bound, for the blind or those with low vision it will be appreciated that they cannot be timed the same as those with full and stable vision. In the examination again, there are diagrammatic examination that needs interpretation like in Geography, there is the topographical maps in physical Geography that requires interpretation, and how the students with vision problem cope with these situation is still not comprehended. Such questions have enabled the formulation of this proposal to fathom the arrangement that allows the student to acquire training in such challenging environment. The assessment can therefore be conveniently be assessed using the alternative assessment research since the one undertaking the research will be in apposition to observe and advance an appropriate responses to the concerns. The research will be more of qualitative since the researcher can make self-assessment on the issues needed to be addressed. Alternative the traditional method can also be engaged for the same assessment criterion. Designing of the Professional Development In this century, provision of quality education is a factor that can no longer be underrated. The need for the provision of quality education to the student of all categories is vital not only for the need of eradicating illiteracy, but also as a factor of ensuring that every child / person is given their constitutional rights on education (Pierangelo, & Giuliani, 2002). This is not only possible by providing for the student an enabling environment only, but also enhancement of the professional development of the teachers who are supposed to be impacting the knowledge into the children. The enhancement of the professional development blended by the affirmative action in ensuring that the visually impaired children are given an enabling environment is very critical in achieving competitive education edge for those with visual disabilities (Pierangelo, & Giuliani, 2002). In enhancing of the professional development, three important factors will be monitored closely; I. Consistent monitoring of the program II. Nurturing cultures that are can effective sustain quality learning and, III. Embracing different strategic measures to the ever-diverse needs of the student involved. It is my strong convict ion that the blend of the three factors will triumph in amazing improving the professional practices and the student based achievement in equal measure. The implementation of this ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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