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- short online course to training the faculty member how they can manage their online class - Research Proposal Example

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1. Introduction In the highly competitive environment of global businesses, effective change management has become critical factor of organizational success. In the fast transforming business dynamics, managerial decision making process is hugely impacted by changing external environment like technology, globalization, environment, diversification etc…
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Proposal - short online course to training the faculty member how they can manage their online class
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Extract of sample "- short online course to training the faculty member how they can manage their online class"

Download file to see previous pages Indeed, in the current environment of advancing technology, online training hugely facilitates development of critical skills and knowledge. It provides a more innovative approach to education and acquisition of knowledge that can be adjusted to suit the needs and requirements of individuals. The role of faculty in online classes becomes important element of the success of the same. The proposal is for short training program for the faculty members of online courses so as to equip them with necessary skills to manage their online classes with high degree of efficiency 2. Problem statement The online training courses are major elements of constant learning environment that incorporates the demands of changing business compulsions. The online courses are distinct in their teaching methodologies that rely on digital communication vis-a-vis online conferencing techniques, email etc. The electronic interaction is much different to classroom communication. It requires multifunctional capabilities that incorporate pedagogical skills like: effective learning processes that can be easily grasped by learners; creating comfortable learning environment; skills to resolve technical issues; and administrative knowledge that can explain the course logistics (Sargeant et al., 2006). Very often, the faculty members of online courses are not trained appropriately in the modalities of online classes. The working population and adult learners are therefore not able to exploit the vast potential of the same. Most importantly, the spatial features of learning environment and medium are crucial factors that influence the learning process. In online courses, the multimedia becomes the key component that is exploited judiciously by the teacher to make course curricula interesting, powerful and highly motivating (Sims, 2003). The efficacy of online teaching is considerably increased when teaching skills are integrated judiciously with managerial skills and use of technology. As such, it becomes essential to impart training to the faculty members to make them more effective online teachers. 3. Objectives 1. One week training course on management skills as required for online courses to equip them with the methodologies of electronic communication techniques. 2. To make online classes more effective and motivating. 3. Managing workload of teaching online. 4. Program description/ design framework The design framework of course is important for increasing the core competencies of the participants and equipping them with skills that add value to their knowledge and teaching skills. The various approaches to instructional designs offer effective teaching under different environment and medium of instructions. The training program would use ADDIE framework or Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation structure. Its stepwise approach helps the teachers to develop easy and iterative instructions which can be applied to real life situations, thus making them hugely relevant to the learners (Peterson, 2003). The ADDIE design process promotes active participation of the learners that exploits tacit knowledge of the learners and helps them apply critical thinking to resolve problems or look at problems from wider perspectives of creative advantages (Tee & Karney, 2010). The five stages are described as below: 4.1a. Analysis This part of the program is intended to identify and evaluate the needs of the learners so ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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