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Infant and Toddler Programs - Essay Example

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Infant and Toddler Programs Name: Institution: Infant and Toddler Programs Infants and toddlers experience the globe with their whole body, energy, spirit, hearts, minds, tears, compassion, anger, laughter, pride, understanding, learning, love and soul. Infants and toddlers grow, feel and play with the world around them (Ministry of Education, 2010)…
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Infant and Toddler Programs
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Extract of sample "Infant and Toddler Programs"

Download file to see previous pages Experiences breed the minds of infants. These experiences come about through playful exploration. Infants gain skills by having a couple of safe, daily objects that arouse their senses (Keeler, 2008). Playing with natural materials or in natural environments (nature), offer rich chances for exploring. Squishy mud between toes, warm sun on faces and the scent of mint in the garden, infants’ senses assemble information regarding the world around them and how it works or functions. In a recent approach to working with infants, referred to as heuristic play, infants who are mature enough to sit up contentedly on their own and pick items from baskets are at a different level from other infants. These are items that they have free access to in their daily lives. Grownups watch and stay with the infant while they survey, without taking charge (Ministry of Education, 2010). From the experiment, it can be observed that infants can center, for long periods of time, at a basket and choose from a wide range of materials. They do this through examining their space and texture by banging, mouthing, waving and handling. Infants, at other times, need adults to talk to them, predict their actions, interest and requirements as well as provide new experiences and opportunities. Infants need a secure, calm and stimulating place to explore and learn. They also need other children or adults to interact, play and talk to them. Whereas young infants will mainly stay in one place, more mature infants are mobile. Hence, infants, at the playgroup, need adequate spaces to explore in safety (Keeler, 2008). Premises should be constantly cleaned and kept hygienic. Young infants like to perform many body movements. Infants do this best when lying on a firm and cushioned surface. It is hence vital to ensure that there are comfortable mats or cushions for young infants to lie on (NCCIC, 2009). They should be given opportunities to explore items with their mouths and hands by having suitable items nearby. Infants use a great deal of their time looking up towards the ceiling, lights and walls. Hence, it is vital to put some attractive pictures/posters or mobile gadgets on the ceilings and walls to inspire their learning (Ministry of Education, 2010). They should also be provided with comfortable couches or seats in the infant quarter for grownups to sit and hold infants. Mobile infants like to explore their environments. They should, hence, be given a lot of room for them to move. They should be offered small and safe challenges with different levels that persuade learning. For instance, educators could use low steps, risers, large boxes, couches, mattresses as well as piles of cushions to simulate their learning (Keeler, 2008). Letting them sit contentedly on their own is not propping them up with cushions or pillows to sit. It is advisable to wait until he or she gets to the sitting point by themselves, in their own time and when they are ready. That is, when their neck and back are strong enough to bear this sitting position (Ministry of Education, 2010). Toddlers explore things in diverse ways. They are also energetic as well as on the move. Often their needs are ahead of their physical abilities and their language. Toddlers’ main interests comprise of putting items in and out of containers of all kinds, matching, selecting, sorting, dumping, loading ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Infant and Toddler Programs Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words)
Infant and Toddler Programs Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
“Infant and Toddler Programs Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words”, n.d.
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