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Enusring Coherence in Curriculum - Research Paper Example

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Ensuring Coherence in Curriculum Curriculum models There are various components addressed in the system design for curriculum. According to Wang (2011), four of these components are systematicness, completeness, advancement and practicability. The curriculum design needs to be systematic to enable the students and the instructors to easily understand its content…
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Enusring Coherence in Curriculum
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Download file to see previous pages The design should also offer room for advancement both of the curriculum structure as well as the curriculum content. Its application should also be practical in terms of implementation and should not contain any contradictory statements and strategies. These components relate directly to a coherent curriculum in my learning environment. The systematicness component ensures that all the activities in a curriculum are well connected to each other. This kind of connectivity assists in making the curriculum to be more coherent and, thus, promoting its ability to achieve its objectives. The completeness component ensures that all the parts of the curriculum are complete and that they have adequate contents. This promotes the connectivity of one part of the curriculum to the other, and, thus, making the curriculum to be coherent. The advancement component of the system design for curriculum provides room for advancement of the curriculum content. Through the advancement of the content, their connectivity and relationships can be enhanced, thus making the curriculum to be coherent. Practicability component makes all the parts of the curriculum to be easy to administer. ...
Another best quality is that both of them assist in the selection and organization of learning experiences for effective instruction and achievement of learning objectives. Another very important quality of these two models is that they both provide a way of designing a mean of evaluation of the curriculum and its content. According to Erickson (2002, p. 44), “a coherent curriculum is one that holds that makes sense as a whole and one that has parts which are unified and interconnected”. The three best qualities of these two curriculum models I researched about promotion of unification of the different parts of the curriculum. They also promote the interconnection of various parts of a curriculum and they help the curriculum to make sense as a whole. They also enable the various parts of the curriculum to make sense and, hence, they are very fundamental in the promotion of coherence of the curriculum. Among the two models that I researched, the one which could be most effective in my current educational environment is the Tyler’s Model. This is because this model being among the modernism model is clearer, more simplified, more useful, and more comprehensive compared to the Gerlach and Ely Model. According to Dennis (2002), this model is appropriate for large scale mass education and it is also good for basics. Since my current educational environment involves teaching basics to a large group of students, this model will be the most appropriate for such an environment. Curriculum design There are various “Knows” in a curriculum design. One of them is what the students should know by the end of the curriculum. The other one is what the student ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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