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Where the Wild Things Are - Essay Example

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Where the Wild Things Are Where the Wild Things Are is a children’s book written by Maurice Sendak. It was published in 1963 by Harper and Row. As of 2009, it has sold over ten million copies…
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Where the Wild Things Are
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Extract of sample "Where the Wild Things Are"

Download file to see previous pages The book was not widely received at first. In fact, some libraries have banned it. Two years after its publication, though, the teachers noticed that the children love it, and decided to relax their views about the book. What makes the book controversial, or at least not well-received, is the subject of the book itself. The plot of the story centers on a little boy named Max. The first line (sentence) of the story goes, “The night Max wore his wolf suit and made mischief of one kind and another”. Because of this, Max’s mother got mad at Max and sent him to his room without supper. Max got mad and made his tent, chases his pet dog with a fork, etc. Anyway, he stays in his room and his room starts to change into a different world, a forest. Then a boat comes and he sailed (for more than a year) and to foreign places where it was inhabited by “wild things”. He tamed them by staring at their yellow eyes without blinking and they made him king. They enjoyed themselves, danced the wild rumpus and did what wild things do. This continued for a long time. The Max told the Wild Things to stop and they did. Max then realized that he was lonely and “wanted to be with someone who loved him best of all” and “smelled good things to eat”. Then the wild things persuade him to stay and be their king but Max said “No”. ...
The child is quite angry at being told off by his mother so he makes up a world where he can be king and express his anger. Then these monsters are tamed. Then the child indulges with the monsters and then when he gets tired of the novelty, he quits them and goes back to the room. This time, the room is much bigger. The Freudian thing here is actually rooted on anger management where it was actually therapeutic for him to lash out his anger on his own and then returns to normalcy when it’s over. Anger here is represented by monsters. He tamed them by directly looking at them; it’s as if you can master your problems/emotions by dealing with them directly. It is actually an adult thing to do and realize. Max’s world at the start is small. The illustration is literally small too. As he gains control on his world and the monsters’ world, the illustrations get bigger as well. It even takes two pages in the middle of the book! This means that the world of Max’s, his imagination, is boundless. It is bigger, less bounded (it does not have margins!), prettier and more wonderful. However, back in his bedroom, after he leaves the monsters’ land, the world becomes small again, but it is not as small as his room before, but it has no borders now. This means that he grew, or at least his mind grew, as in he matured. This also reflects that his perspective grew, and his view of the world is bigger. He is a naughty child. He chases his pet dog with a fork and does mischievous things. He is what kids may relate too, as his mother also scolds him and grounds him. He knows that he can’t be mad at his mother because she is his mother. This is his source of frustration, and the readers (the children) can relate with this. This is what makes ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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