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Interpreting and Aligning National, State, and Local Standards - Research Paper Example

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Interpreting and Aligning National, State and Local Standards Standards The new movement to common core standards is an initiative to promote high-quality education among young people in all the states. They were created through a collaborative effort among the teachers, parents, community leaders, students and other educational experts…
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Interpreting and Aligning National, State, and Local Standards
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Download file to see previous pages These standards were made in line with both college and work expectations and they are clear, understandable and consistent. According to CSSI (2012), these standards include rigorous content and application of knowledge through high-order skills and they are built upon strengths and lessons of current state standards. They are also evidence based and thus they are expected to contribute significantly to the improvement of quality and value of education in all the states in this country. These common core standards have several advantages that result after they have been fully implemented in the states. The common core standards help to identify all stakeholders in education and the knowledge skills that the students must acquire for them to be successful in college and career (Kendall, 2011). This is a very great advantage to the stakeholders since it can assist them in tailoring their activities towards facilitating the students to acquire these kinds of knowledge. Another advantage is that they help in the achievement of some kind of uniformity in terms of skills and knowledge developed by students by the time they join college or work among all the states. These can enable the students to attend a college in a state different from his state of origin or even work effectively in a state different from the one in which he attended school. ...
They make the experienced teachers incur some difficulties in their attempt to adjust their activities to suit a particular set of students. Another disadvantage is that they do not favor all the states equally since they can be influenced by the learning environment. This makes some content of these common core standards require some adjustments and modification to meets education requirements in a particular state. The standards that currently have the strongest influence on the education environment I work in are the common core standards for language art. These standards are concerned with the standards that need to be achieved in reading, writing, listening, speaking, and language translation (CCSSI, 2010). These standards will be having a great influence on the education environment in which I will be working. This is because they will be the ones shaping most of the activities that I will be undertaking in my effort to promote language learning among my students. One of the ways they will be shaping my activities is influencing the choice of activities to use in my teaching. My teaching activities will be varying depending on the learning objectives of my lesson. If the learning objectives are to promote language listening skills, then in designing my teaching activities I will be considering the common core standards for language listening knowledge. If the learning objectives are concerned with promoting speaking skills, then I will be putting into consideration the common core standards for such kind of knowledge and so on. This would make the lesson meet the required standards, enhancing its chances to help the students achieve the level of competency required. These common core standards will also be influencing the kind of teaching ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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