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Eroding Local Control & The Influence and Climate of the Courts - Essay Example

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Eroding Local Control and the Influence and Climate of the Courts Author’s Details: Institutional Affiliation: Eroding Local Control and the Influence and Climate of the Courts Introduction Education stands out as one of the most crucial human capital investments that generate economic benefits both to individuals as well as the society at large…
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Eroding Local Control & The Influence and Climate of the Courts
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Download file to see previous pages The cost of improper education systems sums up in a downward trend in the national productivity with increased burden of care to the incarcerated persons and the unemployed through public relief (Garfield, Brimley, et al, 2008). Discussion Question 1 The degree to which education meets individual and societal aspirations depends largely on the quality of education received, which in turn tier closely with the resources made available and the extent to which they are properly used. The number of educational institutions is a fundamental contributory factor towards such quality. Thus, reducing the number of school districts in a state generally reduces the difference in ability to support education between the “wealthiest” system and the “poorest” system/district in terms of assessed valuation per pupil to be educated. As predicted by scholars like DuBois in the1970s, color line educational problem in terms of state funding in the 20th century seem to be flaring well into the 21st century with recognizable disparities. It is evidently clear that educational outcomes for students of color are proportionate functions of unequal access to educational resources. The US education system is understandably the most unequal in the industrialized world with students receiving different leaning opportunities based on social stratification. It is estimated that the expenditure ratio of wealthiest ten percent and the poorest ten percent of the district schools across states is almost 10 to 1. Averagely, the current strikingly differences are put at 3 to 1. According to Jonathan Kozol, expenditure per student in Chicago public schools in the 1990s was approximately $5000 while their Niles Township High school neighbors spent double the amount student. He also recounted the use of old textbooks, lack of science labs, inadequate teachers and more in elementary schools serving predominantly African Americans. In contrast, schools in New Trier serving 98 percent whites were well equipped with superior labs with up-to-date technology, experienced teachers and a wider range of courses provided. By every measure to the degree of qualification – state certification, pedagogical training, content background for teaching, test scores, college attended and the experience attained so far –fewer qualified teachers disproportionately serve in schools with greater numbers of low-income/minority students. It is utterly impossible to reconcile the two extreme scenarios with an expectation of similar student performance. It is on the basis of the foregoing facts that consolidation would be a desirable option in reducing the gap in supporting education between the wealthiest and the poorest. Discussion Question 2 While consolidation of schools would be a desirable option in terms of fiscal and educational auspices, the idea is not a “generic fits all” proposition. It is well beyond doubt that 5 school districts in Tennessee County with separate, independent directors translates into appropriate supervisory personnel (instruction, curriculum, federal programs, special services, attendance). However, the ability to save on costs serves as a strong selling point for consolidation. Merging schools into large blocks free up unused resources for other purposes, reduces utility and maintenance costs, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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