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Final Exam Educational Leadership - Research Paper Example

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Final Exam Educational Leadership (Name) (Course) (Tutor) (Date) Teachers’ dismissal from their work is normally guided and protected by Teachers Tenure Act (TTA). Their dismissal falls under six categories, which are related to conduct, performance, physical or mental capacity, teachers’ license, citizenship and reduction in their work force (School Employment Law, 2002)…
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Final Exam Educational Leadership
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"Final Exam Educational Leadership"

Download file to see previous pages According to Teachers Tenure Act (TTA), any tenured teacher may be dismissed due to his or her performance (Clem, Clay & Calhoun, 2006). The school system has the obligation of informing teachers about their performance inadequateness in order to give them opportunities for improvement. Grounds of inadequate performance can be used to support the dismissal of teachers on the objective of evaluations leading to a conclusion of inadequate performance. In addition, this ground also applies to both the control of the student and the teaching method of a teacher. The act reveals that before a teacher is dismissed for inadequate performance, he or she should be allowed to understand what is expected of him or her. This gives teachers adequate information of what performance inadequacies are in order to overcome them (School Employment Law, 2002). Subjective evaluation of inadequate performance in a teacher is evidenced by poor performance of the students and shortcomings of their progress. This is as a result of poor organization of classrooms and failure of the teacher to show applicable initiatives in finding effective means of attaining their objectives. In addition, poor performance can also be as a result of teachers’ inability to maintain good order in classrooms. ...
In case the board receives two consecutive substantial evidence of poor performance of a teacher through written findings, dismissal is recommended (Clem, Clay & Calhoun, 2006). Neglect of duty According to Teachers Tenure Act, a tenured teacher can be dismissed due to his or her neglect of duty. Prior to dismissing teachers for neglect of duty, they should be given a chance to understand their duties in school. This is because neglect of duty is determined by references of duties that exist. Neglect of duty is mainly identified by failure of a teacher to show up for work without an excuse. In addition, it is also identified by failure of the teacher to control good order and discipline among students. Based on these grounds, a teacher can be dismissed if he or she fails to fulfill responsibilities and duties imposed upon him or her. The board of education should, therefore, have conclusive proof and evidence that the teacher is adequately neglecting his or her duties before recommending their dismissal (School Employment Law, 2002). Insubordination Insubordination, as revealed from Teachers Tenure Act, can also lead to the dismissal of a tenured teacher. Insubordination constitutes use of an inappropriate language, toleration of illegal games in school, and use of inappropriate physical correction to students. Prior to holding teachers responsible for insubordination, they should be allowed to understand rules governing the school. This will allow teachers to rectify their behaviors in schools. Principals should, therefore, have proper evidence that teachers have engaged in misconducts before recommending dismissal. A clear proof of insubordination gives a proper ground of a teacher to be dismissed (Clem, Clay & Calhoun, 2006). Failure to comply ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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