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Domestic violence agaist men is a serious problem - Book Report/Review Example

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1.0 Literature Review The problem of domestic violence is one which is often not regarded as important, specifically because of the number of women who report abuse and the unspoken amount of violence which occurs among men. The lack of records that are available for domestic violence against men often leads to many believing that the problem is not as serious…
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Domestic violence agaist men is a serious problem
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"Domestic violence agaist men is a serious problem"

Download file to see previous pages There are several areas of evidence which indicate that domestic violence is a major issue among men in society. 1.1 Facts Based on Domestic Violence The amount of domestic violence which is reported constitutes of 85% of the reports based on abuse against women. It is also noted that there is a record of 15% of men stating that they have been in a case of domestic violence. This average is inclusive of 3 million women as victims of domestic violence and between 100,000 to 600,000 men who are under the same difficulty. The victimization is known to reach those who are divorced at higher rates because of the tensions which are associated with the abuse. Income levels, location and individuals of a younger age are more likely to experience domestic violence. It is noted that the men which report domestic violence is below average of the realistic facts, specifically because men are surrounded by a social facade of remaining stronger than women and not expressing fear toward a woman who has perpetrated abuse. However, the psychological components of this state that an abusive relationship is usually inclusive of both partners being perpetrators of the violence, indicating the reports and statistics don’t align with the realities of abuse (DVRC, 2011). 1.2 Social Order and Violence Amongst Men While the statistics note a significantly lower number among men, the same survey indicates that men aren’t likely to report incidents of domestic violence because of the social factors which occur. This is followed by the acceptability of domestic violence among women which occurs in most countries, specifically because of the social role which women have in society with the male dominance being the main factor. It has been found that the reports of domestic violence as well as the occurrences which arise come specifically from the acceptability of the issue. Women becoming victims to a perpetrator are the most known incidents and social relations to blame. Victim blaming then becomes a main reason why men aren’t regarded as being in violent situations that occur domestically (Gracia, Herrero, 2006). The social components of those who are regarded as being in a domestic violence situation are furthered by attitudes of men who are victims to the main problem. The interrelationships which occur in a situation with domestic violence are known to be related directly to the amount of violence which occurs. When examining these relationships, it is seen that the violence from men and women occur at the same level, causing neither to be the perpetrator or victim. However, the social role which occurs after reporting the incident leads to the victim and perpetrator role, most of the time in which the man becomes the one who is responsible for the incident. The psychological aggression among women is also noted to be higher while the physical aggression among men is what leads to perpetrating the violent incidents (Stuart et al, 2006). The aggression among both women and men, as well as the roles which are played socially are also conducted in response to positions which men and women have in society. This begins with the roles which each are expected to play and how the responses and psychological components relate to this. At this point, women and men are able to have equal measures in terms of employment, education and needs within the home. It has also been found that as the gender symmetry ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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