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Name Tutor College Course Date Criterion Rubric Relevant outcomes and lines of evidence identified Emerging. This course outline has outcomes that are expected from each student. However it does not have a concrete plan in which the evidence is collected. Valid results Initial…
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Outcome Alignmnet: Criminal Justice Classes
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College Criterion Rubric Relevant outcomes and lines of evidence identified Emerging. This outline has outcomes that are expected from each student. However it does not have a concrete plan in which the evidence is collected. Valid results Initial. There is not clear which evidence the faculty has come t o an agreement to use. Reliable results Initial. In this course outline, those who review students are not reliable enough and this is not shown clearly in the course outline. Results are used Initial. There is no result that is collected and discussed in the course outline. The student experience Initial. From the student’s paper, the students have no knowledge about the capstones that are discussed and those required. This course outline can be generally classified as an introduction course in criminal law. This is because there are a lot of rubrics that are not fully met in the course outcome. The course does not meet the outcomes and there are no evidences that are identified. This is well seen from the student’s essays. It is for this that the course outcome can be identified to be below the expectations. There is a targeted outcome but there is no program that is set in order to achieve the set outcomes. Second the course outline has very shallow criteria for assessing the evidence. This is seen from the PLO’s that are set for the paper which apart from being shallow does not fully meet the required standards for setting PLO’s. The results from the students work does not lead to particular conclusions. These assessments do not have the ability to lead someone to relevant conclusions. The assessment does not involve both oral and written test rather only relies on written exams to test the students. It is for this that the course can be described as being introduced. The results are also rarely used in this course outcome. The students experience can be seen from the two essays that are presented here. Based on the PLO’s that are given here, the first final paper, “pedophiles worse than cancer” does not in any way align with the course outcomes. For this reason, this paper can be classified as an I. to begin with; the paper does not analyze any internal or external influences on criminal justice. From the introduction, the paper looks like a story with no information regarding criminal justice. In terms of structure and policies, it is not which policies and structures are in discussion for this particular paper. Ethical and legal issues are however well discourse in this case since all the ethical issues that affect the pedophiles is discussed. Interpretation of appropriate information’s of the justice system is also done well though it somehow looks like a story. This essay has very good communication sometimes involving the reader in stories, and bringing about the topic of discussion in a more strategic manner. In general, the paper does not qualify to be classified as a fulfillment of the course outcomes. The second essay about terrorism is also ranked as an I. to start with the paper does not fulfill the first rubric and hence does not involve many internal and external factors influencing criminal justice. The paper only discusses various ways that terrorists can be known and does not go deeply into the causes of terrorism. Policies and their structures are looked into in the essay, the essay clearly presents to the reader various policies and structures that are repeatedly mentioned in the essay. There are various roles and tasks that are identified in this essay. This makes the roles and the tasks of the criminal justice leaders clearly identified. Technology is the next rubric that is not fully used in this paper. Not much of technology is discussed in this essay and there is no repetition in the whole essay. Using analytical and critical thinking decisions, the essay is able to look critically into this issue (Anderson, ET al 1957). Most of the identified decisions are critically analyzed and processed in the essay. In general, the paper does not qualify to be classified as a fulfillment of the course outcomes. In general, this coursework can be classified as an I, introduced coursework. This is based on the rubrics and the standards of assessment that are used in assessing the course work. References Anderson, R. A., Wharton, F., & Wharton, F. (1957).Wharton's criminal law and procedure. Rochester, N.Y: Lawyers Co-operative Pub. Co. Read More
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