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Differentiated Instruction - Research Paper Example

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Differentiated Instruction *What do you find convincing/ not convincing in the research presented on the website for the need for differentiated instruction? The website presents differentiated instruction as a response to kids’ uniqueness as learning individuals (“How to Differentiate Instruction”)…
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Differentiated Instruction Paper
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Download file to see previous pages I particularly agree with Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences and the different learning styles. Indeed, students have varying ways of absorbing and processing information. In facilitating the class, there is a need to be sensitive to the varied ways in which students can absorb and apply information. Similarly, various techniques, activities, and visual aids are effective in reaching out to all of the young minds inside the classroom in the most maximum way possible. As for the brain-based research, it is interesting to find out that there are discoveries linking the brain and how students learn. However, I find the content lacking to make it quite convincing. In my opinion, the information should be presented in a more concrete way. The methods in which the outcome of the said research may be applied should be expounded. For instance, the relationship between the anatomy of the brain and progressing learning could have been poignantly considered through meaningful examples. It would be more informative if several scientifically-based frameworks in furthering learning were specified. Regarding the authentic assessment, I find that there is nothing much new about its description. As what the site stated, “not enough” can be said about it. ...
In what ways do you feel you already differentiate? As I reflect on my experience as a teacher, I can remember faces of some students who do not seem engaged in the lesson proper. I felt like they are uninterested. Some were perhaps totally clueless of what their classmates are talking about. I have also observed that several children were more active when it comes to certain kinds of activities and topics. For instance, some children do better when it comes to group work whereas some to be more at ease at individual tasks. There were also many situations when a concept is much more understandable with the aid of colorful visual aids such as multi media. Furthermore, I have noticed that there are students who can express themselves better at writing than in class recitations. The diversity of interests and learning styles, and competencies in the classroom made me realize the importance of differentiated instruction. In order for me to be able to have a meaningful communication with my students, I have to make the topics relevant to them. For them to understand, I have to present topics in ways that are interesting in their respective perception. As a teacher, I have to respect the uniqueness of each mind I am supposed to hone. Thus, to differentiate is indeed a need. I feel that I was somehow already into differentiated instruction when I realized that I have to consider each student when I am teaching, I tried to extend my methods and references as much as possible. I particularly researched on the different learning styles and multiple intelligences. Several tests were available to determine a student’s learning preferences. These were helpful in confirming and guiding my approach to each child. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Differentiated Instruction Paper Research Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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