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Virtual Learning Environments - Essay Example

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Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs) Name of Student Student Number Institution Course Code Name of Instructor Date A VLE Is Sometimes Termed as a “Walled Garden” for Educational Activity. Discuss How Teaching and Learning Activities Gain or Loose by Being Contained in Such Areas…
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Virtual Learning Environments
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Download file to see previous pages However, while such facilities provide significant advantages to both learners and teachers, they also bring difficulties. One of the main problems is about the lack of discrimination by the students to the materials available for research in the Internet and so the solution can be provided through the setting up of a walled garden. This protects the learner of an institution from the outside users and allows the teacher to upload chosen materials which are available exclusively for their student. However, while this solves one problem, it creates the potential to limit students’ research capability and need for them to learn to be discerning in assessing the usefulness of learning materials. Key Words: Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), ICT, Electronic, Learning, Walled Garden, Web 2.0. Contents Abstract 2 Contents 2 1.0.Introduction 3 2.0.Basic Information about VLEs 4 E-Learning provides a number of unique features such as collaborative activities, peer commenting, and online assessment of coursework within a VLE. Common online course models include: 8 1)The content and support model – provides a separate tutorial support and standard course content; 8 2)The wrap around model – adopts the resource-based learning by combining the provision of classroom and online learning activities. Thus, giving more autonomy and accountability to the students; and 8 3)The integrated model – does not provide distinction between online tutorial support and course content (Mason, 1998). 8 Regardless of the type of online course model, a college or a university is using; there will always be some teaching and learning benefits, that can be gained by establishing a strong and reliable VLE (Nagi, 2011; Zhu and Bu, 2009; Fisher, Cox and Gray, 2008; Kroski, 2007; Nian-Shing and Yi-Hung, 2005). 8 3.0.Ways on How the Provision of “Walled Garden” could protect the Online Learners from Outside Forces and How It can impede the Students’ Learning 12 4.0.Conclusion and Recommendations 15 5.0.References 16 1.0. Introduction VLE is an electronic system that can make online interactions of various kinds available, taking place among learners and tutors, as well as online learning (Comas-Quinn et al., 2012). The use of ICT and other related technologies significantly change the way educational activities are being conducted today. Though the history of VLE style tools can probably be traced back to the earliest days of educational computing, increased availability of technology is quite recent it is critical to state that much of the recent use has been motivated by technological advancement rather than the need for education progress (Becta, 2004). Every year, colleges and universities, are investing in the development of web based classes. Owing to significant development in Internet-based technology, educational organisations have restructured their course curricula to fit the course requirements of a virtual classroom and have started offering online distance learning courses. The control and direction regarding the use of the VLEs has been critical with respect to the learning institution. This is in regard to protecting the students from unwanted sources of information. This has led to the formation of walled gardened VLEs that take into consideration the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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