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Social and Emotional Aspects - Dissertation Example

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Analysis of Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning and related social education programsAcknowledgments CONTENTS Title …………………….……………………. p.1 Acknowledgments …………………….……………………. p.2 Abstract …………………….………………………
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Social and Emotional Aspects
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Download file to see previous pages p.29 Results ……………………..……………………. p.31 Discussion ……………………..……………………. p.37 Recommendations ……………………..……………………. p.39 Bibliography ……………………..……………………. p.41 ABSTRACT A number of programs in American and the United Kingdom advocate a holistic approach to education reform that emphasizes community involvement and psychological support as a strategy to strengthen student ties with, and investment in the school and educational policy. These programs are compared in the light of psychological theories and given approval as equally valid roads to school reform. INTRODUCTION Most educational authorities agree upon the need for a broader, comprehensive approach towards the promotions of beneficial relationships and socially-conscious behavior. Most proposals to this end involve an active, holistic approach that engages the entire school in the interest of the most efficient, inclusive socialization possible. SEAL seeks to accomplish these goals by creating a more congenial environment that addresses several dimensions of the educational experience. SEAL engages the social, personal, and health dimensions of the school experience to achieve a more congenial experience for all involved, multifaceted approach towards an inclusive educational experience. ...
side of the coin is the prevention of risky behavior that damages health and academic success; demand for problem prevention programs in most public schools has grown. (DeFriese et al. 1990), (Kolbe et al. 1997), (Gottfredson, 1986), (Connell et al. 1985), Errecart et al., 1991) The social and emotional aspects of learning are vital with respect to the way that they underscore the educational experience to contribute to the success of all students, and the promotion of a beneficial working environment for educators. The SEAL program facilitates a number of personal quality and emotional goals to make learning more efficient. Students must learn impulse control and the ability to govern their emotions, in addition to an internal motivational drive to invest in their own success. This requires a sense of awareness and critical reflection on the student's own goals and personal needs. And with an understanding of the self, empathy towards other students becomes a possibility. The program looks towards efficiency in learning, but also seeks to promote an emotionally safe environment. (Burns, 2010), (Bromley, 2012) These attitudes are advisable and beneficial even as benchmarks for higher education. (Burnard & Green, 2009) It is generally acknowledged that in order to achieve the goals of efficiency and efficacy in learning, the emotional dimension of child development, especially at the primary school level, must not be neglected. Children learn and perform when they feel emotionally secure. Without a certain degree of security, learning efforts will simply fail. (Breda, 2011), (Bromley, 2012) Positive activities promoting emotional security are needed within, and beyond class to foster learning in class. (Henderson & Mapp, 2002), (Pitman et al. 2001), (Perry, 1999) Most ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Social and Emotional Aspects Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 9000 Words.
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