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Interview - Assignment Example

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In order to gather information of a given topic in a research, a researcher can use different instruments of data collection. In the current study, the researcher investigated the perception of graduates on the current education standards and the job market…
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Extract of sample "Interview"

Interview In order to gather information of a given topic in a research, a researcher can use different instruments of data collection. In the current study, the researcher investigated the perception of graduates on the current education standards and the job market. In this regard, the researcher decided to interview a graduate of a local university. This paper is going to present a description of the interview and commentary learning. Interview method description In the effort to investigate the perception of graduates on the current education standards and the job market, the researcher opted to interview a graduate of a local university. The researcher found this method of data collection appropriate because it is efficient and economical screening instrument for descriptive research (Fowler, 1997). Besides, it allows the researcher to investigate the perception of graduates and how they think about the current education standards and the job opportunities. In light with this, the interviewer decided to use interview guide approach in order to have a comprehensive data from the interviewee. An interview guide was first drafted in order to guide the researcher on how to conduct the interview. The interview focused on (a) participant’s perception of the current education standards and (b) participants’ experience with job search. The researcher used semi structured interview since it permits the investigator to track up on appealing responses that were not expected (Fowler, 1997). The questions were predetermined and modified in accordance with the perception of what seems appropriate, depending on the topic under investigation. The interview lasted for 20 minutes where the interviewee’s responses were recorded for a later analysis. Since the study relates to issues of quality of education of the local universities, it required that the researcher follow stringent ethical protocol which protects the rights of the participant through out the research process. The interviewee was guaranteed that his response would be treated with confidentiality. The anonymity of the interviewee was maintained throughout the study and remained so even during the final stage of the study. The data collected was analyzed using framework analysis where themes and issues that emerged from the data were identified. The researcher drew priority issues that conformed to the original research questions. Interview guide In regard to the topic under investigation, the researcher framed the following seven questions that guided him in obtaining relevant information from the interviewee. How do you rate the standard of education of your previous university? “I think the standard is average. The university admits students with both high and average scores, and half of the graduates score above average.” Who do you think is responsible for setting standards of the university? “The performance of the university is determined by individual performance of all students. However, I can argue that the standard of the university is a collaboration of both the administration and the students.” Do you think you obtained the quality of education you expected in the university? “May be, yes, maybe, no. I say this because whereas my performance is related with the university standards, I also believe I needed to play a part in setting high performance.” Why do you say so? “I say so because, although I graduated two years ago, I have been unable to secure a job. I attained a second class honors upper division. I believe this is not a bad score. Is it?” Why do you think it has been hard to get a job? “I really can’t tell, but I believe there is a problem with our government or the education systems. I have applied several jobs, but they don’t hire me. One day I applied for a job in one of the banks bank, and they told me that I lacked the required experience to be hired as a banker. I really wonder; where do I get that experience from if they don’t employ me?” What agitates you most about the whole issue of education and job? “I have a lot of issues regarding education and job. I can’t understand whether the problem is with our education system or the employers. What annoys me most is the fact the one studies for many years, but you get employed for few years. It’s very disproportional.” What is your conclusion or recommendation on the topic? “I would urge the government to consider offering attachment opportunities for graduates in order to equip them with an experience that is demanded by these employers” Running commentary The study of the perception of graduates on the current education standards and the job market was a fascinating one. Apart from obtaining the intended data from the interviewee, the researcher was able to obtain additional information concerning factors that determine the standards of the university education. Such information could not have been gathered by use of other methods of data collection. Besides, the researcher had an opportunity of getting in-depth information from the interviewee as he explained his ideas in details. Unlike in closed ended questions used in the questionnaire, the researcher found it convenient to use interview since the interviewee was not constrained in responding to given answers. The researcher also learnt that by using interview as an instrument of data collection, the interviewee had little chances of being bias. This was facilitated by the fact that the interviewee found it hard to give false information since the researcher was keenly attentive of the visual expressions of the interviewee. However, the researcher noted that, during the interview, the interviewee was unease with some questions. For example, the interviewee was seen to be shy when he was asked “Do you think you obtained the quality of education you expected in the university? However, the whole experience of the study was good. The information obtained from the interviewee was useful in relating quality of education and the job market. Apart from the perception that the universities are solely liable for the standards of their education, the researcher learned that the individual students also have a role to play. Reference: Fowler, E. (1997). Business research methods (2nd Ed), Wadsworth Publishing. Read More
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Interview Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words - 1.
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