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Study Skills Form The Basic Building Blocks For Developing Successful Independent Learners: Discuss This Statement - Essay Example

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Name Institution Course Instructor Date Study Skills Study skills promote learning confidence and competence. However, in order to be an independent, confident, and competent lifelong learner, you must posses comprehensive and optimum study skills. Study skills, also known as study strategies, are approaches applied while studying or learning…
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Study Skills Form The Basic Building Blocks For Developing Successful Independent Learners: Discuss This Statement
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Download file to see previous pages It also helps in retaining the details of information, reading effectiveness, concentration techniques, and the will of efficient note taking (Downing, 2010:127). This essay will explain how study skills form the basic building blocks for developing a successful independent learner and discuss how development of these skills contrasts to a person with a visual impairment. The development of effective study skills, improvement of reading comprehension, the discovery of your own individual style of studying, teaching yourself how to manage time more effectively as well as getting to know the best way for preparing for exams are part of development of study skills. Therefore, in order to develop the most effective studying skills you must understand that effective study skills require a systematic procedure (Downing, 2010:129). To begin with, in order to become a successful independent learner, you must appreciate the value of a schedule. Before you begin studying, you should have a well-planned schedule that will enable you allocate your valuable time to studies while you avoid considering the unexpected in case it comes up. It is there fore imminent to have a studying plan. Study skills form the basic building block for developing a successful independent learner because, study skills are invaluable assets on life that help one become an excellent time manager, a competent research analyst, a comprehensive reader as well as a good verbal communicator. Agreeably, having excellent study strategies helps one become a more confident and productive individual in both personal and professional lives. Therefore, it is potent for all people to construct excellent study skills since one can acquire them within a short while and use them for a lifetime. Even though is true to say that study skills are more useful in school, it is also dubious not to start developing some of them in pre-school and elementary school. This is because, for some study skills to be of more efficiency in life they require one to start practicing them at a tender age. A successful independent learner is one who is able to inculcate excellent communication skills, reading, and listening skills in life. These habits come along with use of cues such as flashcard training and use of acronyms. They are all essentials of a promising lifelong future that is why whoever wants to be a successful independent learner must acquire essential study skills. Study skills act as basics for successful independent learners since they incorporate different methods of preparing for different exams. It is easier to identify a successful independent learner through class performance since no two people are the same and no two can study exactly the same way. Presumably, some study strategies may be suitable for one person whereas prove to be ineffective or frustrating to somebody else. Hence, cultivating the right study techniques is viable for acing someone’s performance in school, which in turn prepares a smooth path for a successful fulfilling life ahead. One can acquire study skills through tutorial services that enhance individuals’ ability to receive and retain information for the future’s betterment. Therefore, it is concrete that study skills are the founding blocks for a successful independent learner. Some tutors point out that, most people can only acquire study skills individually, not in a group. This is because, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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