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Importance of Education - Essay Example

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Deborah Vanderploeg Kelly Giesecke, M.A., Ed. ENC 1101 Section 73 B February 04, 2012 Importance of Education Education is essential for the success of a person. It gives knowledge without which it is not possible for a person to take a step forward in life…
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Importance of Education
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Download file to see previous pages Knowledge and self-discovery creates confidence in a person. Confidence is the first step toward success and therefore education leads to a successful life. Confidence improves one’s ability to make appropriate decision and therefore education enable a person to make decision (Capper 193). A person’s professional life is of great importance since it determines success in life. Through education, a person acquires knowledge and skills in a particular field. This essay will therefore discuss the importance of education in life. The essay will evaluate the importance of education in a person through decision-making ability, professional life, and job opportunities. Education makes people knowledgeable. However, it is difficult to measure a person’s knowledge through any direct method. To most people a knowledgeable person is a successful person. People will therefore measure the level of knowledge in a person in relation to the level of their success in life. The career life of a person therefore becomes an important factor that determines the level of a person’s knowledge. People measure how successful a person is based on earnings. This implies that an educated person is a well-paid person. Education makes people to perfect their skills and knowledge in a particular field and this is what creates professionals. Currently we are living in a world of specialization. This implies that every person needs to a have some form of expertise or something better than everyone else does. The difference in success among different people proves the importance of being an expert or a professional in a particular field. Education provides people with the relevant knowledge required to make them experts in their field of specialization. Education is an accumulation process, through education a person accumulates knowledge on how things happen in a particular field. Professionalism therefore results from accumulation of knowledge in a particular field of specialization. Professionalism or level of specialization creates the difference between employed and unemployed people. The level of professionalism also determines the success of a person’s career. Professionalism therefore determines a person’s ability to perform a particular task. Becoming a professional or an expert in a particular field makes a person to have a better chance to get a well paying job and a good salary. In dairy interactions decisions and making conscious judgment is essential. The role of a person in the society is measured by his or her ability to make constructive decisions and sound judgment. There is no one particular person who want to become a redundant member of the society and therefore everyone strive to acquire some roles in the society. Education is therefore an essential of life since it enables a person to gain the ability to make informed choices and informed decisions (Capper 192). The level or ability of a person to make decisions in life determines their success in life. People rely on this success when assigning roles to different people in the society. Education therefore enables a person to become a useful person in the society by enhancing decision making. Education is information and therefore an educated person is an informed person. Education gives a person the ability to focus on things and events on a broader way. This information enables a person to relate different cases when making an important decision in life. Through this relation, an educated person ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Importance of Education Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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