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Safe Guarding Babies and Children - Essay Example

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Safe Guarding babies and Children Introduction Victoria Climbie an 8 year old from Ivory Coast who moved to London from France with her great aunt Marie Therese Kouao in the year 1999 was pronounced dead on 25th February 2000. She was admitted to St. Mary’s hospital in London with multi organ failure, hypothermia and had 128 injuries on her body…
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Safe Guarding Babies and Children
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"Safe Guarding Babies and Children"

Download file to see previous pages ld abuse. The object is to establish the moral responsibility of every individual in the child-care system and create awareness. The article focuses on factors on the agency and individual level that are deemed key to avert tragedies such as this from happening in the future. 1. Responsibilities of local authorities. 2. Multi Agency policies. 3. Valued judgement and effective communication. 4. Targeted and Specialized support. 5. Individual social worker’s responsibilities The article evaluates and explores the methods that can be employed to avoid the mistakes as ascertained by the Laming report. Responsibilities of local authorities: “Those who sit in judgement often do so with the great benefit of hindsight” (Lord Laming Report, 2003 Page 1. ...
In this event the Local authorities outline all disciplinary and inter-agency policies to be implemented by the agencies. Research has shown that multiagency working is more pronounced during the early stages of the case while making enquiries and “less pronounced and apparent in implementing action plans” (Chahal and Coleman 2003, p.39). Agencies that handle the cases from the Local authorities work on the brief give to them. Therefore it is imperative that professionals from both Local and Agency levels communicate effectively. In Victoria Climbie’s case there was evidence that the front line staff that received her case were not kept up to date on the guidelines as outlined by the Children Act of 1989. The procedure books made available to them were not up to date on the guidelines to monitor and provide care for children who were undergoing abuse. This affects the judgement of the staff and the ability to recognize an emergency or sounding the alarm. A sense of lax amongst caseworkers and front line staff is also prevalent as social work and especially working with children is not seen as an attractive career option. This has been attributed to the callous treatment of social workers by the top executives. Most of the work that social workers put into their work goes unnoticed or unappreciated. London shows a 11 per cent vacancy rate nationally in these sectors while some boroughs show as much as 40 to 50 per cent (Dfes 2003, Every Child matters, The Challenge, p.22). Because of this most front line staff are not adequately qualified to handle such sensitive issues. It is important for agency heads to be qualified in the regulations of social work to be able to empathize with the staff handling the cases and appreciate the work and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Safe Guarding Babies and Children Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words.
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