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Education - Cultural Awareness - Essay Example

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Cultural awareness Name: Instructor: Task: Date: The research conducted by individuals having immense interest in understanding the cultural diversity in the US has been significant. The research has defined the US as a microcosm of cultures. Therefore, such cultural diversity has reflected in all sectors of the country (Stephen, 2007)…
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Education - Cultural Awareness
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Download file to see previous pages The graphic organizer How to enhance the cultural respect and avoid cultural bias in the classroom Instructors should acknowledge the students’ cultural differences along with their commonalities Next, it is necessary to validate the student’s identity through the utilization of reading materials that reflect such diversities. This allows students to see the importance of their cultures. It is also significant to educate the students that the world is becoming diverse each day. This would help them gain appreciation for each other thus the reduced conflicts in the classroom. Teachers also need to advocate for some behaviors, as well as communication styles in the classroom, which are devoid of discrimination thus the increased respect. It would also be appropriate if the relationship existing among the students, teachers, families, as well as the community should be fostered thus the respect. The current literature has defined culture as a universal programming of an individual’s way of thinking. Culture is stalwartly important as it aids in the process of distinguishing the diverse human categories. The core factor distinguishing the diverse cultural groups is values, which such groups holds close in their daily lives. Sources further designate that these cultures have different norms, as well as institutions resulting from such norms (Wagner, 2009). A number of different authentic and current sources have provided several definitions for multicultural education. Although authors of such sources have utilized dissimilar wording in providing the definition of this phrase, they portray a common understanding of it. Therefore, regarding multicultural education as an inclusive reforming procedure in the education sector championing the existence of equal treatment for students from dissimilar cultures would be the most appropriate definition (Grant, 2011). The 21st century has been coupled by a myriad challenges as students from dissimilar cultural and social groups populate the same schools. However, the adoption of multicultural education concept has highly facilitated the process of addressing such cultural differences, as well as the biases. Foremost, it is evident that multicultural education promotes the application of a culturally receptive pedagogy. This concept is vastly imperative since it aims at enhancing a successful learning process. This concept works by identifying the strong points brought by such a diversity thus utilizing it to enhance education (Nwachukwu, 2010). Moreover, the pedagogy is a combination of three diverse dimensions. These dimensions are the instructional, institutional, as well as the personal dimensions. The institutional dimension has helped design a learning environment that enhances efficacy, when dealing with culturally diverse students. Therefore, multicultural education could address cultural differences by ensuring that school’s policies, as well as their procedures address with efficiency, all the tribulations resulting from the diversity. The personal dimension part of the cultural pedagogy addresses some of the essential activities for teachers to be involved in thus the cultural bias diminution. Through the application of this concept, teachers could fully acquaint themselves with all the available useful knowledge. Multicultural education persuades teachers to nurture values that disfavor negative feelings towards an individual from a different cultural setting. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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