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Obesity in School - Essay Example

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This paper thus helps to provide an insight into the rapidly growing rate of obesity that children suffer in schools and helps to provide solutions regarding how to counter this alarming issue. Obesity is defined as an excess of body fat that frequently results in a significant impairment of health. …
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Obesity in School
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Download file to see previous pages It causes high blood pressure, as well as high blood cholesterol levels and decreases the ability of the child to be able to come out of this trap. (Barness LA, Opitz JM, Gilbert-Barness E) A child may also be prone to breathing problems and this reduces his ability to be able to carry out any physical activity whatsoever. Various other problems that are associated with the risk of obesity are gout, cancer and gallbladder problems. A number of children have also been known to suffer from gall stones and osteoarthritis because it tends to weaken the bones due to accumulation of fat in the body. Thus, these aspects need to be looked into in order to let the child live a happy life and not let him be prone to such diseases in his future. So what is causing such alarming rate of obesity among school students in USA? More and more children are now prone to obesity and the problem never ceases to go down with time, with parents getting tensed and worried for their children and looking for solution which could cater to the problem in the most effective and efficient manner. To highlight the solution to the problem, one of the main acts which needs to be initiated by schools is to foster an exercise module which shall incorporate physical fitness among the students of the school inside the school premises at regular intervals and throughout the week so that the students do not fall prone to ill health during their academic calendar. One of the primary problems which exist in schools is the availability of vendor machines in schools which cater to the needs of the students at any time. The vending machines consist of low nutrient fast food which is easily consumable by the children. The vending machines have been selling high fatty foods and more than...
This report approves that obesity is a very dangerous problem even though prima facie it might not appear to be so. This is because fat cells accumulate in the body of a child and when he or she grows older, they refuse to burn, causing the child other problems like heart diseases and various body problems. Teachers must talk to the children in school and explain to them the growing problem of obesity and how children must cooperate with them in order to work things out because after all it is for the good of children.
This essay makes a conclusion that teachers can even ask the children for some solutions that they deem fit and would be willing to cooperate with. The above mentioned solutions to this problem are only a few suggestions which the school may incorporate within its daily routine. Parents also need to understand that since their child spends the maximum time at school; he or she needs to comply with the above mentioned in order to be fit. Eating healthy should become a daily part of every child’s living so that they are able to lead a proper lifestyle.
All schools across the country need to introduce various activities and campaigns in order to fight this problem and help children to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle and prepare them for the future as well. Physical exercises and healthy eating are merely one part of taking care of obesity. The school can always think of more suggestions and implement them, with regard to having on campus health checkups and regular obesity fighting programs. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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