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Interview a principal - Essay Example

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Interview: Robert Cavo, Principal of Nixon Elementary School in Roxbury School District Introduction With rising unemployment rates and significant recession economics throughout much of the Western world significant thought have been given to the way that the United States can remain competitive in the 21st century…
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Interview a principal
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Download file to see previous pages This constitutes on interview with one such individual – Principal Robert Cavo of Nixon Elementary School in Roxbury School District. Interview 1. What was the hardest job you had to manage as a principal? Hardest thing for him was curriculum because this was an area of weakness. In this situation he brought in experts (his curriculum coordinators) in to help him through it. While there were state standards for curriculum, managing the means by which specific curriculum aspects were emphasized and the most efficient means of instruction were and remain prominent areas of concern. In a sense teachers, like the students, need to come to intimately understand the curriculum as through this deep-understanding the greatest instruction emerges. It becomes his responsibility to ensure that this occurs. In situations where your weakness lies, you need to know when to get/bring in help. Therefore, as a leader, you must take the time to learn the area of weakness to improve but also bring in strong individuals to assist you in the process. He notes that it’s impossible for a single individual to have the greatest knowledge of all areas and this was a major aspect he had to learn early in his administration. Since he has come to recognize that in large part the job of the principal is the successful and efficient delineation of power. Your personality will dictate your areas of strengths and weakness. A good leader will know their areas of strengths and areas of improvements. 2. What is/was the greatest internal reward you got out of your principal position? One afternoon, I was walking down the hallways and there was a little boy walking towards me and I happen to know his name. Therefore, I said hello, David. The boy turned to me and asked me, if I know every student in the schools name. By this comment, it symbolized that the students felt like they mattered to me. Ultimately I entered the education profession primarily because I saw it as an avenue to utilize my given strengths and talents in a meaningful context. I feel my life is enriched everyday through interactions with students and parents, as you really come to recognize that you are making a positive difference in the community. Kids felt like they matter when they attended school, which meant the teacher felt like they mattered, which meant the parents felt like what they thought mattered and that is what the principal’s main goal was as a school leader. 3. Are there words of advice or wisdom someone had told you or you have heard that you try to structure your principal philosophy around? Don’t feel that you can’t ask someone a question or someone for help. I am one to always ask for help? Or how did you get his done, or how did you do this? Not like I am going to do the specific task the same way, but I will see the path on how you got there. While I recognize that it’s important for the school principal to demonstrate a strong vision and independent path, this must occur within the context of the school and greater community. Rather than attempting to institute my outside vision I have come to adopt a view of progress and leadership as an organic element of community and student interests. My role as a principal then becomes balancing and forming these interests into a functional whole. 4. What is/was your principal’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Interview a Principal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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