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The Childs First Step, as Awesome as an Earthquake - Essay Example

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In the paper “The Child’s First Step, as Awesome as an Earthquake” the author analyzes the poem ‘Courage’ by Anne Sexton. The poet uses figurative language in order to make the poem interesting and its themes reverberate with the readers as they are taken through many of life’s instances…
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The Childs First Step, as Awesome as an Earthquake
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Extract of sample "The Childs First Step, as Awesome as an Earthquake"

Download file to see previous pages The poet is writing from the child’s viewpoint or from an observer’s viewpoint that the reaction to this would be so much discussed that it would seem as awesome as an earthquake (Sexton, 511). Poem Title: ‘Mother to Son’ by Langston Hughes Metaphor: Life for me ain’t been no crystal stair (Line 2). What the Metaphor adds to the Poem: Here the poet is comparing life to a crystal stairway. Life for the mother has not been easy, as opposed to a crystal stairway where one can see where one is going at all times. Rather life has been rather difficult and there were times when she was not sure that the results of her efforts would be successful (Hughes, 508). Poem Title: ‘Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening’ by Robert Frost Personification: The woods are lovely, dark and deep (Line 13) What the Personification adds to the Poem: Frost’s poetry is known for its natural themes, yet there are invariably two meanings attached to it. One is the literal meaning, which as the poem goes, makes absolute sense. But there is also another hidden and figurative meaning, one more philosophical, that one sees in his poems. Here the woods have been compared to life’s uncharted and unexplored pathways. They stand on the brink between what one knows and what one doesn’t. ...
She explores daily life events in all their truthfulness. The message of the poem ‘Courage’ is that we see bravery reflected in life’s small actions such as walking or cycling without support, willing to bear the taunts of class fellows etc. Thus we should cherish these emotions and remember them because they contributed to our personality (Sexton, 512). One poem that demonstrates the desire to restrain emotion: ‘Mother to Son’ by Langston Hughes. Reasons for my choice: Although the mother is very candid in telling her son that life for her has been a tough experience, the message here is that the son should never give up hope but trudge through life’s dark and difficult passages with a positive demeanor and contrite heart. God helps those who help themselves. 3. Essay discussing the use of imagery in two of the poems read: Imagery is one of the main reasons why poems appeal to us. It is often said that we think in pictures and the appreciation of poetry and song by the literati as well as the man on the street show that this feeling runs across all sections of society. Taking Robert Frost’s ‘Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening’ one can easily imagine the traveler, the horse, and the scene as they stop by the woods and the lake, taking in the beauty and contemplating what they have accomplished and what remains to be done. The eyes, ears, and mind can easily put the reader in the picture (Frost, 516). Similarly in ‘Mending Wall’, one can easily imagine Frost and his neighbor as they repair the walls that separate their gardens and backyards. The eyes and the mind can almost see the neighbors working to do this and Frost also gives a candid picture of pine trees in his neighbor’s lot while he has apples in his own. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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