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Literature analysis: Hasler, Kersten and Sweller 2007 - Learner Control, Cognitive Load and Instructional Animation - Essay Example

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Hasler, Kersten and Sweller 2007 - Learner Control, Cognitive Load and Instructional Animation 1. The authors in this paper were investigating how much influence learner controls had on the understanding of instructions in primary school students. The researchers used three versions of an audio visual presentation and a narration only presentation to teach children about the concepts of day and night…
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Literature analysis: Hasler, Kersten and Sweller 2007 - Learner Control, Cognitive Load and Instructional Animation
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Download file to see previous pages 2. The authors cited five underlying principles relating to cognitive load theory and instructional computer based animation. They included the information store principle, the borrowing and reorganizing principle; the randomness as genesis principle; the narrow limits of change principle and the environmental organizing and linking principle. These five elements were used so that the authors could determine if the instructional activities were as effective as each other. In this study it was found that the learner based groups scored significantly better than the system based group suggesting there were differences in effectiveness depending on the tool being used. DeRosia 2008. The effectiveness of nonverbal symbolic signs and metaphors in advertisements: An experimental inquiry. 1. The hypotheses for this study were based on appeals to interpretative and psychological theoretical perspectives. This differs from previous studies cited by the authors that assumed that nonverbal advertising elements were just automatically processed. The authors of this study show that consumers would have to devote a “nontrivial level of cognitive effort” so that they could understand the nonverbal and symbolic signs and metaphors present in advertising. ...
2. One of the key aspects of the study was related to the nature of the line and typeface. In particular the curved line and Comic sans typeface was used to represent informality and an element of whimsy in the advertisement. The author noted that the type face was chosen specifically because it is the one used historically in comic books. Previous studies on this typeface also supported the idea that the font lent a cheerful and less formal element to the words depicted. Some studies have shown that typefaces can suggest semantic associations or even a cultural code to the readers, thereby influencing the way the readers view the advertisement and the message. Chang, D., Dooley, L., Tuovinen, J.E. 2002. Gestalt Theory in Visual Screen Design – A New Look at an Old Subject 1. Gestalt theory is a group of psychological theories that have been in evidence since 1924. One of the key areas Gestalt theories can be applied to is the visual design process. In cases for instructional screen design Gestalt theoretical principles can be used to improve learning outcomes. One of the biggest issues with this process is that there are so many laws relating to vision within the Gestalt theoretical framework (114 according to Helson, 1933). In many cases the laws are very similar but finding a select group that would work in all cases was more difficult. The authors in this study worked to identify those Gestalt theories that would best serve instances of visual screen design for the purpose of learning. 2. The key laws in Gestalt theory that pertained to computer screen design were balance/symmetry – objects will appear incomplete is the object is not balanced; continuation – allowing the eye to move instinctively through a logical pattern on a visual field; closure – ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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