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Issues in Child Development - Essay Example

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Policy Development Introduction Education is one of the most crucial aspects of child development. It often decides and impacts significantly on the future and the career of a child. It is therefore important for government officials to secure adequate and appropriate education for all children…
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Issues in Child Development
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"Issues in Child Development"

Download file to see previous pages I would also discuss how this policy would support the current policies already in place. Body Children have basic rights as human beings and these rights mostly refer to the special protection afforded them as young individuals (Amnesty International, 2011). These rights include the right to human identity, basic needs for food, education, health care, and criminal laws appropriate to their age and development. Their rights also include freedom from physical, mental, and emotional abuse (Amnesty International, 2011). The politics of childhood is often based on the appropriate learning which can be applied to the different students from different races, cultures, and religions, in one school system or even in one classroom (Morris, 2011). It is also sometimes based on how children are perceived by other members of society, and with children not being afforded the same entitlements in rights as their adult counterparts. Furthermore, these children are also perceived as similar to each other in terms of learning ability and capacity. However, not all students have the same capacity or pace in learning (Haskvitz, 2011). Some children may indeed be smart and be fast learners; however, others may be slow learners and may take a while to learn concepts. Other children rest may be adept in other areas of learning. For example, some may be math whizzes, but be terrible in English or science, or be excellent in English, but be terrible at Math. The important point to consider is that there are different elements which have to be considered in teaching children (Haskvitz, 2011). And by managing these considerations and integrating the necessary changes into the learning process, it is possible to achieve the best learning conditions for children. Educational Policy based on the immediate rewards system Rationale: This policy was chosen because it seeks to provide immediate rewards and reinforcement for learning and growing children. I chose this as an applicable policy for children because children have short attention spans and short-term memories. The best way to reinforce a positive behaviour is to immediately reward or praise it (Domjan, 2003, p. 45). A policy which is therefore based on immediate rewards or reinforcement is the easiest way of ensuring an effective learning process. Goal: To provide an effective and appropriate educational curriculum and policy for children based on a strong and immediate rewards and reinforcement system. Implementation 1. This policy would first require teachers to undergo training in the proper and effective rewards, reinforcement, and punishment system in their teaching styles. This training shall be undertaken with the assistance of educational and psychological experts who shall guide the teachers in the proper and effective ways of rewarding, reinforcing, and punishing their students. If possible, this training should also be integrated in the educational systems of colleges and universities offering teaching courses. The sooner that this rewards system can be integrated into the education of teachers, the better for the students and the children. 2. This policy then needs to be gradually integrated into the curriculum of students. It is a policy which would not require a complete or significant overhaul of the UK educational system. Changes needed would be on the rewards and reinforcement given to students. This rewards system ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Issues in Child Development Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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